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How to Plan a Honeymoon in Highland, MI; Destinations, Budget, Planning Details, Limousine Transportation & More

Weddings are hard work and often take many months of planning. When the wedding is finally over, there is some relief that washes over the bride and groom. Where the honeymoon is thought of a time where the happy couple spends their first moments as a wedded couple, the honeymoon can also be effective to…

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Hire a Limousine or Antique Car for an Amazing Valentine’s Day & Night in Greater Detroit, MI

For couples who want to plan an unforgettable Valentine’s Day date, there are a number of aspects you will want to start when planning ahead. For a perfect Valentine’s Day, you will want to consider what events you’ll attend and a place for romantic dining as well as transportation that will ensure an unforgettable Valentine’s…

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Benefits of Hiring a Limo Service for Business Transport in Farmington, MI; Traffic Updates & More

When you are traveling around visiting other states or even locally, transportation is essential. Business meetings and events can cover many different parts of town demanding time for travel. Many people when traveling around for business will often seek a limo and chauffeur service to help make the day(s) go smoother and easier. A Limo…

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