Chauffeur Etiquette in Warren, MI; Qualities & Skills of a Good Professional Limousine Driver

When hiring a limo, a customer isn’t just reserving a luxury vehicle. They also receive the quality services provided by the company and their chauffeurs (professional Limousine or service drivers). There is a lot that you can expect from a limousine. However, when it comes to a professional chauffeur, some people are never sure what to expect. Today A Limo World would like to share what every client should receive from a professional chauffeur.

Chauffeur Certification & License

What all professional chauffeurs should and must have is a proper license and certifications. A chauffeur is required to receive a special driver’s license as well as certification which tells you they are qualified to operate an oversized vehicle. Along with proper licensing the limo company and chauffeur should also have insurance to ensure they are properly covered in the event the limo and passengers are involved in a collision.

Good Chauffeur Qualities Including Professionalism

Most limousines are reserved for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and prom. During these special occasions you will want a professional and courteous chauffeur to escort you and your fellow passengers to your various destinations. It is expected that the chauffeur dresses accordingly, along with being polite which includes opening doors for all of their passengers.

Effective Chauffeur Communication

When the client reserves a limo and chauffeur service, they will have one or more destinations. Often the chauffeur will determine their own route to the various destinations. A chauffeur will often advise the client of the routes that he or she plans to take and offers to allow the client to set their own route if they have a preference. In most cases a chauffeur will determine a route by what time the passenger wishes to arrive at their destination. If there is heavy traffic they may take another route to prevent the annoyances of having to endure heavy traffic. It is important for a chauffeur to share the details of the trip to help put all of the passengers at ease and to ensure a pleasant experience.

Punctual Chauffeur

When a limo service is booked the limo service will request pickup times and event schedules to make sure all of the passengers arrive to their destination on time. When it comes to major events such as a wedding, punctuality is essential. A chauffeur should demonstrate that they are reliable and can arrive on time. However, bear in mind chauffeurs can’t control traffic and there are times there are unexpected delays. Once again a good chauffeur will rely on traffic reports and will know if there are any delays due to traffic or any other unforeseen events.

Chauffeur Driver Safety

A limo driver should always drive properly and follow all traffic laws and rules. To ensure the safety of all the passengers, limo drivers will never run red lights or speed. There are times when clients, if running behind, will urge the chauffeur to driver a little faster to make it to an event on time. When riding in a limo, expect your chauffeur to follow all of the rules while getting you to your destination safely.

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