Etiquette Tips for Booking & Driving in a Limo in Novi, MI; Chauffeur & Driver Tipping & More

A limousine isn’t something that most people do all the time. This experience is most often saved for the most special occasions in your life. When it comes time to riding in a limousine, you want to know what to expect. This is especially true as far as etiquette is concerned. A Limo World is here to talk about what is expected when it comes to limousine etiquette.

Make Clear Plans when Booking Limo

When you hire a limousine for your next event, be sure to include specific instructions about what you plan to do. If there are any additional stops you need to make, you should include them in your reservation so that the limousine company can make the necessary arrangements for it. You should also be clear as to whether or not you want a smoking or non-smoking limousine to ensure you get exactly what one you want. Another thing you should alert your limo company about is the size of your group. If the size changed for any reason after you book it for the night, let them know so they can plan accordingly.

Limo Seating Etiquette

There is a seat in the limousine that most people know as the “power seat.” The person that is the guest of honor or the person that has paid for the bulk of the reservation, should be the one that is sitting in this seat. The seats that are facing backwards in the limo are known to be the least comfortable of them all. Another thing to remember as you are settling into your limousine, is that you should always sit down first and then scoot to the seat from there. This is the best way to ensure everyone is safe.

Right Way to Exit the Limousine

As your ride is nearing its destination, you should never start to get out of your seat until the limo has come to a complete stop. Much of the time, women driving in a limousine are wearing heels and should always wait for assistance from the chauffeur to get out safely. Before leaving the limo, you should gather any trash that has accumulated on your trip and take it with you to throw away.

Treat the Limousine with Respect

It’s easy to get carried away when riding in a limousine. There is often alcohol involved and it’s the beginning of a party. You should always remember to treat the limousine with respect and avoid damaging it in any way. No one should be standing out of the sunroof, and you should be respectful of your chauffeur.

Limo Driver Tipping Etiquette

Throughout your limousine ride, you will be enjoying the service provided by your chauffeur. They work diligently to make sure your experience is nothing short of spectacular. For this reason, you should plan on tipping your chauffeur 15-20 percent of what the bill came to. If everything meets your expectations and nothing has gone wrong, they have earned a tip for the evening.

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