GPS Custom Route with Real Time Traffic Updates or Limo Chauffeur Experience in Macomb, MI

When hiring a limo service it is typical to provide pickup and destination locations. If the driver is unfamiliar with the various routes or destinations the client requests, they will refer to the GPS. GPS prevents the driver from getting lost and ensures they arrive at your desired destinations. However, the driver doesn’t always have to stick to the routes provided by the GPS. A Limo World would like to explain how sometimes the experience of the ride can depend on the routes the drivers take and when you can dictate the routes.

Limo Drivers & Chauffeurs Use GPS Tracking Systems

Before GPS, most people would need to base the routes they took off of maps, experience or personal knowledge of the roads. With ever growing cities it is impossible for a single person to know every single road. Luckily with modern technology and satellite imaging, GPS systems are able to provide routes to unknown locations. When a limo service is hired by a client and they are asked to take their passengers to an unfamiliar location, they will of course use the GPS. However, the routes the GPS may direct the driver to may lead them to construction sites or get caught in heavy traffic. So there are times GPS can fail the driver and can cause passengers to be late or have an extended limousine experience, which isn’t so bad.

You Can Request that Chauffeur Take a Specific Route

What many clients don’t realize is they can dictate the route the limo driver takes. If you want an extended limo ride and drive through the scenic part of town to enhance the experience, you have the right to request a certain route. For example, with the holidays coming up you may have a special event during Christmas where you may want a scenic route to see the colorful lights through town before arriving to your destination. This is one example of a driver taking an extended, alternate route. Another time when directions can help the driver is if the client is familiar with current construction zones through their neighborhood and know of a more efficient route for the limo driver to take. If the roads are under construction or maintenance, you can provide that information to the limo service and tell them which route would be best. You don’t want to taint your limo experience because of construction. Experience and knowledge of the road can help ensure a smooth and more comfortable limo experience, so feel free to provide your preferred route to the limo service. When hiring a limo service for young adults such as prom night, you can also request a certain route. This helps parents to know where their child is and know they are taking the safest route. There are many examples or scenarios where a client can dictate the driver’s route and should openly do so.

GPS with Real Time Traffic Updates

When you are from out of town and are not familiar or don’t care about the route which the driver may take, then it is safe to consult with GPS. GPS systems do come with traffic conditions and can reroute the driver to ensure the passengers get to their destination on time.

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When reserving services from A Limo World we welcome you to set your own route if desired and provide your own knowledge and experience for the best experience possible. Contact A Limo World and reserve your limo today!

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