Limo Ride & Other Employee Appreciation for Recognition in Allen Park, MI

As a business owner there are so many different things you need to think about on a day to day basis.  Running a business requires constant vigilance in order to have a successful business.  Having hardworking and loyal employees definitely helps make your job much easier.  Excellent employees can help handle different aspects of your job so that you can focus on other things.  One way you can help keep your employees happy is by consistently showing your appreciation for them. 

Employee Recognition

The first reason that you can show your employees some appreciation is by taking the time to recognize them for their hard work.  Many times business owners get so caught up in the day to day operations of their business that they do not take the time to simply recognize something an employee does and thank them for it.  Studies have shown that being recognized makes your employees significantly happier.  The happier your employees are the better they will perform for you at work.   

Creative Employee Recognition Ideas

Taking time to recognize your employees does not have to be extravagant or time consuming all the time.    Many times a simple and sincere thank you for a job well done can do the trick.  Some employees take time to recognize employees at their staff meetings.  Staff meeting employee recognition can take many different forms.  Just look online and you will find all sorts of ideas for employee recognition.

Reward Employees for Good Performance

Sometimes you will want to plan something a little larger as a way to appreciate your employees.  You can take your employees out to dinner and a show; a shopping spree; a trip to an amusement park; out to a fun recreational activity in your city; or more.  All of these activities are more fun if you take them in a limo or party bus. 

Rewards to Motivate Employees

When your employees feel more appreciated they are more loyal to you as a boss.  They trust you because they know that you will take care of them on a regular basis.  If there is a feeling of trust in your business it keeps your employees connected to you and each other.  It is reported that 90% of employees that trust their boss have had some sort recognition from their boss in the last month.

Employee Retention

Connected and loyal employees are more likely to work with you long term.  Not having employee turnover saves you from the time, money, and stress training new employees can cause.  According to some estimates it can cost you around $1,200 and 32 hours to train a new employee.  In their first 60 days they could cost you as much as $4,000 in lost or compromised productivity. 

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There are many different ways that you can make your employees feel appreciated.  We frequently have business owners that call us to rent a limo to take their staff members out for a fun afternoon or evening out.  Give us a call today so that you can get your event planned!  We can’t wait to meet your staff members!

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