Antique Car & Other Ideas for Unique & Memorable Marriage Proposals in Oxford, MI

There are some events in life that if you do not get them right the first time you can have a second chance to try and improve your performance.  Sports are a great example of this.  If you do not know how to hit a baseball the first time you try you can learn how to do it and try again.  If you cannot make a lay-up the first time you try you can practice until you get it.  Other things in life you only get one chance at so it is important to get it right the first time.  The pressure is on to just make sure that you are prepared so that everything goes smoothly the first time.

Prepare for a Marriage Proposal

A marriage proposal is a prime example of something that you do not get a second chance at.  When you ask someone to marry you getting it right is extremely important!  You want to make sure that you take time to plan every detail to make the proposal something she will never forget.  Many men (and women) struggle trying to come up with something for their proposal.  Here at A Limo World we get the pleasure of being a part of lots of marriage proposals.  We have seen our fair share of amazing proposals!  We want to give you some tips to help you plan the perfect proposal.

Where to Propose

The first thing that you want to do is decide where you are going to propose.  Surveys say that 95% of women want to get engaged outside of their home.  There may be locations that are particularly sentimental for you and your girlfriend.  You may want to consider picking one of those places for your special evening.

Who to Invite to a Surprise Proposal

Once you have decided where you are going to propose you will need to decide who you want to be there.  Some women want to share this special event with their family and close friends while others will want to it to be more intimate.  You may want to have a conversation about what your partner would prefer before you start inviting people. 

Limo or Antique Car Rental for Wedding Proposal

The day of the proposal will be even more special with a unique vehicle.  If you do not want to have to worry about driving you may want to rent a limo for the evening.   Maybe renting a classic car would be a better fit for your plans.  Give A Limo World a call and we can help you decide what type of vehicle would be best for you and your girlfriend.

Photograph Your Propsal

Since you will want to remember this day for years to come having photographs is a fantastic idea.  Many people hire a professional photographer to help capture their proposal.   You can also choose a close friend or family member that is great at taking photos to help.  You will want to plan with them ahead of time so that they can take the photos exactly the way you want. 

What to Say when Proposing

No matter what you plan you want to make sure that you take time to prepare the words that you are going to use in your proposal.  You will want to make sure that you speak from the heart when you propose so it may seem strange to prepare ahead of time.  Having some basic thoughts ahead of time will help you make sure that you say all of the things that you want during that magical moment.

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We know that taking the time to plan will help make sure your proposal goes off without a flaw.  Our staff here at A Limo World cannot wait to be a part of your special night.  Give us a call today to book your corvette limo or classic excalibur antique car.

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