Classic & Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts in Keego Harbor, MI; Limo Rides & More

Wedding anniversaries are so fun to celebrate!   Spending one more year that you have been with your spouse is definitely worth celebrating.  Reaching these milestones takes hard work, dedication, patience, kindness, and love so you should make sure that you celebrate hitting them.  So how do you celebrate your anniversaries?

History of Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Anniversary gifts have been given throughout the world for many years.  In 18th century Germany couple’s friends would give the wife a wreath made out of silver to celebrate 25 years of marriage or a gold wreath to celebrate 50 years of marriage.  It took England longer to celebrate anniversaries.  In the 18th century they could hardly comprehend why you would celebrate a silver or gold wedding but they eventually eased into the idea.  During the Victoria era during the 19th century people that lived in England frequently exchanged gifts.  There was also a cultural triumph that came with matching couple up.  If you matched a couple up you would frequently get them a wedding anniversary gift.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

You can find evidence of anniversaries in history.  A travel book that was published in the 1850s called “Peasant Life in Germany” talks about how the wife in the story wore a silver wreath and the husband wore a silver buckle for their 25th wedding anniversary.  German composer Richard Wagner stated that his wife’s friends gave her a silver-spangled wreath for their 25th wedding anniversary. 

Anniversary Gifts By Year

As the idea of giving gifts for wedding anniversaries spread other milestone gifts were created.  In the 1859 “The Farmer’s Almanac” it said that “one month from marriage marks a sugar wedding; one year makes a paper wedding” and then it continued with more anniversary gifts from there. Emily Post continued the traditional in her 1922 “Blue Book of Social Usage” book where she listed traditional anniversary gifts for the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th, and 75th anniversaries.  The lists that she developed are still used today.

Modern Anniversary Gifts

Now there are lists with anniversary gift ideas from the first anniversary all the way to the sixtieth anniversary.  Year one is celebrated with paper; year two with cotton; year three with leather; year four with fruit or flowers; and year five with wood.  The 25th wedding anniversary is still celebrated with a silver theme.  The 50th anniversary still is celebrated with gold.  Over the years they have added the 60th anniversary as a diamond theme.  You can google the other anniversary ideas if you want to get some gift ideas for your spouse.

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