Common Limousine Myths in Richmond, MI; Are Limos Only for Special Occasions, Adults & More

There are those who want to rent a limousine but they feel like they cannot afford it, or that limousines are only meant for special occasions. Often media and movies will create a number of misconceptions and even myths about limousines. As there are so many myths surrounding limos, A Limo World would like to cover some of those common myths and how they are not true.

Limousines are Not Only for the Wealthy

In media and in movies, limousines are often seen being used by presidents, wealthy businessmen, or rich families. As a result of these movies, most people assume limousines are only used by the wealthy. However, a limo and chauffeur services is for everyone. Where limo costs will vary on distance and a few other factors, you will be surprised on how affordable a limousine and chauffeur service is. A limousine is an experience everyone should enjoy. If you want to reserve a limousine, make a call and discover for yourself just how affordable limousine and chauffeur services really are.

Are Limousines for Special Occasions Only?

Some of the iconic occasions, such as weddings, proms, or homecomings are indeed a few special occasions where limousines are heavily used. Where limousines are typically used for these special occasions, limousines can be used for many other situations. You can reserve a limousine for date night, going to the game, or even during travel. A limo service can be used for the simplest occasions. A limo service provides a roomy, comfortable vehicle with a professional driver that can get you where you want to go. You don’t need a special occasion to employ a luxurious transportation service.

Limousines are Not Only for Adults

The common image of passengers coming out of a limo are usually only adults and as a result most people assume limousines are not for kids. Where adults are required to be present, hiring a limo service can be for youthful events as well. Where a limo can hold a lot of passengers kids and their friend can all ride together to events such as visiting a museum, park, sporting events, or to celebrate a birthday. There are number of events where a limousine can be used just for kids. However, children under a certain age will require an adult to be present for liability and safety concerns. Each limo service will vary on the number of adults that need to be present to the ratio of children.

Are Limos All the Same?

Many people assume that all limos are the same. A corvette limo is the same as the next corvette limo however, this is not true. There is no limousines manufacture nor do car companies make their own limousines. A limousine company buys a corvette, hummer, or other brand vehicle and transforms them into a limousine. The interior is custom designed and the length is also determined during fabrication. The limo service decides the limo length, interior design and the luxurious features. Even though each limo is custom designed, some limo services may duplicate their models. However, each company has their own ideas and designs.

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There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about limousines and chauffeur services. It is important to know that this service is meant for everyone to enjoy. When you want to reserve your limo and chauffeur, contact A Limo World today!

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