Don’t Drink & Drive. Hire a Limousine for Your Night Out on the Town in Novi, MI

Most people have grown up hearing about the importance of not drinking and driving.  They hear stories about people that have been in terrible accidents while driving impaired; watched news stories about drunk driving; and possibly even watched firsthand as someone in their life has to deal with the consequences that can come with drunk driving.  A Limo World has put together a list of the reasons that you should not drink or drive.

Drunk Driving Road Rage & Injury 

When you drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol your judgement is significantly impaired.  Your reaction time is slower than normal as well.  Unfortunately situations that you would normally be able to handle with ease become too hard for you to safely navigate through.  When this happens you run the risk of hurting you, the passengers in your car, pedestrians on the road, and the other people in vehicles on the road.  Every year thousands of children and adults are killed or injured at the hands of a drunk driver.   Mothers Against Drunk Driving reports that 27 people per day die in the United States as a result of drunk driving crashes.

Drunk Driving Can Result in  Property Damage

In addition to killing or injuring people when you drink and drive you can also cause thousands of dollars in property damage.  Drunk drivers frequently hit stationary objects, walls, power lines, and buildings.  The damage that you cause to property that belongs to someone else can cost you thousands to repair.  You can also greatly damage or even total your car.  Having to fix your car or deal without one until you purchase a new one can be extremely frustrating and expensive.

Insurance Rate Increase After DUI

If you are caught drinking and driving by a police officer you can get a ticket and a DUI.  DUI stands for driving under the influence.  If you get a DUI your insurance company flags you as a higher risk to insure as a driver and your insurance premiums will be raised.  This increase is typically quite a substantial increase.  Many people find it extremely hard to continue to afford their insurance after a DUI.

Can’t Get a Job Because of DUI

There are many professions where a conviction of drinking while driving can result in your employment being terminated.   Your professional license required to do your job can also be revoked.  If you have an esteemed job this is even more likely to happen.  Some professions that this might apply to are doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, public figures, and police officers. 

DUI Costs, Fees and Fines

Not only does a DUI cause your insurance premiums to increase, it also comes with lots of fees and fines that you will be responsible for.  You have to pay the cost of the ticket that you were given in addition to court fees, court fines, civil penalties if personal or property damage occurred, and possibly have to pay fees to reinstate your driver’s license. 

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So next time you are going out with a group of friends or family for a night on the town do yourself a favor and rent our corvette limod.  This will allow you to have a fun night of drinking without any of the risks that can come when you are drinking and driving.  We do wine tours and pub crawls if you are looking for ideas for a fun night out.  Give A Limo World a call today to see what we can do for you!

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