Fun Facts About Limousines Ferndale, MI; Rear Air Conditioning, Stretch Limos & More

When you get into a limo you’re getting into a luxurious vehicle that everyone should experience in their life. Limos are upscale vehicles that are used for all kinds of special occasions. Taking a trip by limo will create a certain impression about you as the passenger. They used to be reserved for powerful and wealthy individuals, but much has changed as of today. They are more affordable, but many still associate them with the upper class. A limo is distinguished from other vehicles by its length and the fact it is chauffeured. A female chauffeur is sometimes referred to as a chauffeuse. You will never forget your first experience in a limo but there are also many things you may not know about limos.

Very First Limo

Limoges is a province in France and is where the first engine-powered limousine was developed. The word “limousine” comes from the word Limoges. In 1902 the first limo arrived. The guests were able to enjoy their privacy because it still had the enclosed compartment, but it was only there for the passengers’ compartment. The driver’s compartment was still open, and the driver was not protected from the elements.

Stretch Limos

Stretch limos made their debut in 1928 and were only used to transport bands to and from their performances. Limos are sometimes called a “big band bus” for this reason.

Limo Rear Air Conditioning

In 1933, luxury car companies in New York and Chicago offered the first installation of air conditioning and the first vehicles to have air conditioning were limos. When limos first appeared, air conditioning in a vehicle was a luxury. If a limo had air conditioning, people were willing to pay and extra $300 to ride in it.

Longest Limo

The longest limo measured 100 feet in length and had 26 wheels on it. It had a front, middle and back section and could be split in half to change directions. “Never-ending” limo was its nickname and was featured in many movies. People wanted to book it for the ultimate luxury experience.

”The Beast” Presidential Limo

This limo was designed for the president of the United States and is modified for every president and is always top-notch when it comes to safety features. This limo is pretty much indestructible and heavily armored. To add to all the safety features, it’s 100% bulletproof! The most famous and talked about presidential limousine in American History is the stretched 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible that JFK was in before his assassination. This limousine was the last of its type used by an American President. All were followed by closed vehicles that were heavily modified for protection.

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A limousine doesn’t refer to a specific type of car so much as a category of vehicles that share certain characteristics, like the size and the partition between the driver and passenger(s). For safe, comfortable and reliable travel services, contact A Limo World to book your luxury vehicle today!

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