How Did the Limousine Become a Symbol of Luxury? How Limos Have Changed in New Haven, MI?

Limousines are popularly known to heighten the luxury experience of transportation. As they represent luxury and comfort, limousines also invoke a feeling of class. However, you do not have to be wealthy to enjoy the amenities of a high-quality limo ride. Today, we at A Limo World would like to discuss why limos are a symbol of luxury.

Why is it Called a Limousine?

The concept of limousines began in the 1700’s. Originating from the French area, “Limoges Province”, is where the word “Limousine” originated. This was formerly referring to a hooded cloth that the French shepherds wore to guard themselves against stormy or windy weather. Describing the vehicle in which stands out from the rest, the Stretch Limo today is the one we know now.

Privacy in a Limousine

Also, limos were set apart from regular vehicles with the notion of privacy. Since horse and buggy, chauffeur’s have existed long and are still holding this position. Because limousine companies offer something you cannot get from a regular vehicle, you can still find chauffeurs for hire. Below is a timeline that only enhanced the symbol of luxury.

How Did the Limousine Become a Symbol of Luxury?

– While courting wealthy clients around on horse and buggy in the 1700’s, in Limoges Province, the French shepherds who would cover their heads to protect themselves from the sometimes-risky weather. As their cloaked head was often referred to as a Limousine it was this innovative behavior that gave the spark to the original concept for Limousines.
– The French Province, Limoges developed the first engine-powered limousine in the late 1800’s and Early 1900’s. Where the driver sat under a now hooded area that was separate from their clients with the new invention was similar to the horse and buggy. When Americans kept the creative process going, it wasn’t until later.
– A lot like our taxi cabs and police cars of today the only variance between a regular car and a limo was that a 1920 limo had 2 compartments, later in the 1920’s. When a man from Arkansas, USA, it all changed within a few years when the first limousine was engineered in 1928. Named after the big bands with big instruments that they frequently booked for travel, they weren’t referred to as limos but as “big-band busses,” however.
– More vehicles of transport were coming out onto the scene and we called them, cars beginning in the 1930’s. Unfortunately, businessmen were unimpressed due to the lack of fancy. Since the rich wanted to feel above the rest, the public received the stretch limo, which were primarily used to commute the famous.
– The customization of travel was concentrated with the design around the 1960’s. By this point, the limos are definitely a symbol of status and frequently turned heads of the general public.
– By the 1980’s the longer limousines where engineered, which eventually would evolve into party busses. Desirable features would be implemented in between the 1990’s and the 2000’s that we now enjoy today such as the 20 seats, advanced audio engineering, open bars, beautiful light elements, internet, and so much more.

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