Importance of Date Night in a Relationship & Benefits of Hiring a Limousine in Royal Oak, MI

When you are single, dating is something you probably spend a lot of time thinking about. You see dating as a way to find someone to get into a relationship with and eventually marry. Once people find that special someone dating continues as a way to deepen your new relationship. Then more time passes and you find yourself very comfortable with your spouse or partner and find that you are not dating very often. You may even find yourself thinking that not dating as often is totally fine. Therapists have recommended that couples in long term relationships should commit to a weekly date night to help their relationship healthy and strong. So what exactly are the benefits of a weekly date night?

Date Night Improves Communication

The top reason that therapists recommend a weekly date night is that it helps your communication with each other going. Couples in long-term relationships many times find that they are simply not making the time to talk to each other. Jobs, kids, school, sports, dance lessons, church, and more keep families so busy that making time to stop and talk to your partner about something other than logistics just does not seem to happen. A weekly date night gives couples a time just to have simple conversations with each other so that they can stay connected to each other.

Unique & Romantic Date Night Ideas

Over the years partners in long-term relationships start to find that their partner has become boring. Therapists would argue that more often than not the way you are spending time together is what has become boring and not the individuals themselves. Couples should take time to plan date nights that are fun and adventurous. The activities that you choose should have a balance of each partner’s interests as well as something that will be new for both partners. Some weeks your date could be nice and simple but other times planning something extra special is a good idea too. A Limo World rents an excalibur antique car that could make your next special date night an evening that both of your remember for years to come! 

Importance of Date Night Passion

The scientific word for romantic love and passion is eros. The longer that couples are together the more likely they are to say that they have lost the passion in their relationship. Couples can help keep the passion in their relationship alive through weekly date nights. The anticipation of your date can keep couples excited about their relationship.

Date Nights Can Rekindle Passion

When people enter into a new relationship they are extremely committed to each other. As time goes on sometimes partners have a hard time seeing how committed their partner is. When both partners make weekly date night a priority they are showing each other how committed they both are to their relationship.

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If reading this still hasn’t convinced you that weekly date nights should be a priority in your relationship maybe these statistics will help make up your mind. Couples who have a weekly date night are 3.5 times more likely to be happy in their marriage. Women who have a date night less than once a week are four times more likely to get a divorce than women who go on a date night once a week. As you plan your dates don’t forget to keep A Limo World in mind. We would love to help you knock the socks off of your partner with our antique car or corvette limo for your special someone. Contact us today!

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