Just Married Car Decoration Ideas for the Getaway Wedding Limousine in Southfield, MI

It has been a tradition, and a fairly hard to miss indication, that when a couple is newly married, the getaway limousine is gussied up along with the words of “Just Married” featured on the back window. At the conclusion, bride and groom are escorted with words of congratulations and happy smiles, and best wishes as they quickly leap into the limo to take them to the location where they will embark as husband and wife. The groomsmen decorate getaway limousines, traditionally speaking, but the bridesmaids, flower girls and ring bearers are also welcome to contribute. Decorating the limo is an exciting chance where the creativity can come to life with everyone involved. Sometimes, however, the creativity can reach a block wall, and having a little help to get the juices flowing, or simply be told what to do. With that in mind, we at A Limo World would like to share some ideas on how you can decorate the limo for the newlyweds.

Just Married Car Decorations

Traditional Wedding Car Decorations: Along the back or at the windows of the limousine, you can always go old school and scrawl “Just Married”. Since leather was traditionally believed to ward off evil spirits, the original take was to tie old shoes to the back of the bumper, which became a common decoration for getaway vehicles. In the event you are short on old shoes, the other common tradition you can do is to tie tin cans, or anything that makes noises will do, to the back. Especially in the case of a rental limousine, be sure to take extra precautions to not inflict any damage in the process and make certain that the rental company will allow any attachments.
Balloons, Ribbons & Streamers: For those that like to add color and spice to the happy couple’s limousine by fastening onto the side-view mirrors and the door handles some balloons and streamers. Rainbow colors are always acceptable, but to go all out consider using the color theme of the wedding. Since nothing says celebration better than a couple of inflatable balloons, it is also fun to stuff the balloons inside limousine.
Treats & Champagne: An especially kind gesture if the couple misses out on most of the wedding feast is to include bottles of champagne in an ice-filled bucket alongside some of the couple’s favorite treats in a basket in the back seat of the limo, as they will likely be hungry as they drive off. For added décor both on the champagne and treats as well as the limousine, spray Silly Strings and the newlyweds will definitely appreciate the thought.

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Some may be wondering why design the getaway limousine in the first place. To bring a lavishly decorated getaway limousine to the event offers more attention to the pair. More often than not, other drivers tend to honk their horns and scream their congratulations along with people passing on the sidewalk offering gestures. For many, this is a satisfying way for the newlyweds to end the big day. When choosing your limousine for the happy couple in the Greater Detroit, MI area, schedule the groom and bride’s getaway limo with A Limo World today!

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