Limo Etiquette in Armada, MI; How to Elegantly Enter & Exit a Limousine, Designated Driver & More

There are so many things in life that you don’t realize you don’t know. So many things in life you simply have not had a chance to experience. One thing that sometimes our customers will talk to us about is what to expect when renting a limousine. If you haven’t ever ridden in a limo before you genuinely have no idea what the etiquette is for riding in a limo. Prior to making your reservation you have probably not ever thought about what the proper behaviors in a limo are. Today we want to share with you some limousine etiquette so that when we come to pick you up for your special occasion you will feel more adequately prepared.

Limo & Antique Car Party Sizes

The first thing you want to do is communicate clearly with us here at A Limo World. We have a luxury corvette limo and antique cars so that we can accommodate a wide array of groups. When you make your reservation you will be asked how many people will be in your party. If that number changes please give us a call! We recommend our corvette limousine or antique car based on the number of people in your party. It helps up if you keep us updated on any changes in your group size.

How to Elegantly Enter & Exit a Limousine

When we arrive to pick you up you may feel uncomfortable about how to enter and exit the vehicle. Let’s go through some of the basics. The very first thing you want to do is allow the driver to open the door for you. It is the driver’s job to open and close the doors for you and your guests throughout your event. Let them pamper you! When you get in sit in the first vacant seat and then swing your legs inside of the car. This will make it so that you do not fall into the middle of the limo when getting in. After you have gotten your legs all the way in move over to the seat of your choice. When you arrive at your destination and it is time to get out do not forget to let the driver open the door for you. Then the person closest to the door will be the first one to exit the vehicle.

Treat a Limo Rental Like it’s Your Own Car

As you are enjoying your drive in the limousine please remember to treat the limo the same way that you would treat your own vehicle. Sometimes it is easy to be careless with items that do not belong to you. If there are any damages to the limo you will be responsible for the repairs or replacement. Frequently we have people accidentally take the glassware out of the limo. Please make sure that you leave all glassware in the limo at the end of the evening.

Designated Limo Driver

Throughout the evening we hope you and your guests have an amazing time! One of the perks of hiring a limo is that you can drink and not have to worry about who is driving home. We do not mind if you have been drinking but we would like to remind you that getting too rowdy or out of control in the limo puts everyone at risk. Safety is our first priority here at A Limo World.

Don’t Leave Items in Limo at End of Night

At the end of your event do not forget to take all of your belongings out of the limo. Many times our guests have enjoyed a wonderful, carefree evening and forget items in the vehicle when they leave. Our drivers will do their best to check the limo before leaving for any items that are left behind but sometimes they do not see the items right away.

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We hope these etiquette tips will help you feel more at ease when the day of your big event arises. If you have any more questions give us a call at A Limo World to help get your reservation made!

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