Limo Myths Debunked in St. Clemens, MI; Is Limousine a Brand, Only for Special Occasions & More

The first thing they think when someone hears about riding in a limo is it’s for a VIP event, luxurious party, or a businessman arriving at an important meeting. Limousine services are much more than that, despite what quite a few people may believe. Today, we at A Limo World would like clear up the stigmas, myths, and misconceptions involving limousine services.

Is Limousine a Brand Name?

This a big misconception, limo is simply short for limousine and is a type of car, like a truck or SUV and not a brand such as Ford or Honda. Driven by a chauffeur who is separated from the passengers by a partition, a limousine represents a large (elongated), often luxurious car. The time you spend in your limo is completely private and the chauffeur is a professional driver. There are many brands of limousines as well.

Do Only the Rich & Famous Rent Limos?

Being completely untrue, anyone can hire a limo, despite classic picture of Hollywood representing it is only for the VIP. More like an idealized version, the movies and media do not represent the realistic image of limousine services. Anyone can enjoy a ride in a limo and it being rather affordable, it can fit into most budgets.

Is Renting a Limousine Only for a Special Occasion

It is common to assume that people only use them for special occasions since limousines are not frequently seen on the streets. Though it is usually the case, limo services are used for many purposes whether you want a stylish ride to the drive thru to the airport.

Cost of Hiring a Limo

The rates may vary, and they differ from other ride services. For example, taxis charge by the mileage where most limo services charge to rent a limo by the hour and get more mileage out of that time. Limos are expensive to purchase, but for rent, they are very affordable. Depending on destination and requested time, competitively based prices will allow you to get your money’s worth.

Are Limousine Services Only for Adults?

Limos are also available to people under the age of 18, and prom is a prime example as one of the most popular events, though it is more common for adults to rent a limo for special occasions such as weddings. Not taking away from the experience of riding in a limo for the very first time is that generally minors do have to be chaperoned by an adult.

Are Limousines Only for Local Rides?

Limos are just as safe or legal on highways as they are on surface streets. Chauffeurs are accredited to operate certified vehicles in any typical road condition, though the longer the ride, the more it may involve the highway.

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