Limo Service Myths in Clinton Township, MI; Limousines Aren’t Just for Special Occasions & More

Are you wondering if hiring a limo service is the best way to go? You may have heard some ideas that have left you with some doubt. Lets’ put any doubts about hiring a limo service to bed by debunking a few myths.

1. Do Only Rich People Use Limo Services?

There are limo services available for anyone that wants to add an elegant touch to their next outing. You can impress your friends, family and/or colleagues with the chauffeured services that a limo company can offer. Plus, you’re guaranteed with a safe and enjoyable ride!

2. Is a Taxi Cheaper than a Limo Service?

If you find yourself stuck at the airport, for instance, and your new flight isn’t leaving anytime soon you may want to get out of the airport for a while. Rather than waiting in a line for a taxi, hire a limo service. It will probably cost less. A taxi meter will continue to run if you want to stop for a bite to eat and any other additional stop you might make. You can utilize the services of a town car and its driver for an hour or several hours at a time.

3. Are Limousines Only for Special Occasions?

Weddings and prom are not the only time you can enjoy limo services. There are many occasions that you can use limo services for on a regular basis. A day of shopping, sightseeing, concerts, sporting events, etc.

4. Do Larger Limo Companies Offer Better Deals?

Just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you should judge a limo service based on its size. Just because a larger, nationally known limo company may seem like it has more to offer, it might not be the right fit for you. The only way you can really get what you want is by doing some homework. Visit the company, get referrals from friends or business associates and look for reviews on company website to get an idea of the service they provide.

5. Is the Limo Industry Outdated?

This is a big myth. The days of calling to book limo services, although you can, are over. You can view the fleet available to you and book services online. Plus, today’s limos are equipped with Wi-Fi, so you’re always connected and GPS, so the driver never gets lost.

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Regardless of the limo company you’re considering you will need to make sure that they have all the necessary licenses. This will ensure that the company is State-issued and permits the limo company to legally operate. Make sure they have commercial vehicle insurance as well. Don’t let these myths about hiring limo services stop you. Are you ready to book a limo for your next event? Contact A Limo World today!

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