Limousine & Antique Car Features in Madison Heights, MI; Discreet Privacy, Lighting, Audio & More

Limousines are not pre-designed and bought as is. Instead, a limo service buys a regular car model, and has it remade into a limousine. Because of this, there is no cookie-cutter limousine. However, all limos will have some basic features that all clients can count on having. A Limo World would like to share the basic features of a limousine and how you can always count on having a fun, relaxing and great time when hiring a limo and chauffeur for your next vent.

Prime Car Audio & Sound System Packages

As many people love listening to music which lightens up or sets the right mood and atmosphere, a prime sound system is found in all limousines. As limousines are very long, speakers are installed throughout the vehicle to ensure surround sound so everyone can enjoy their favorite tunes. With surround sound there is also a digital console control at the client’s figure tips, where they can find their favorite radio stations, or put in their favorite CDs. They can also choose from thousands of songs saved in the digital console.

Optional Limousine Video System

Limousines sometimes have a TV and video system where you can watch personal videos of memories to enhance the mood of an event. Or, you can turn on your favorite movies or watch the news or weather. Watching a video can help set the mood or even pass the time during longer trips. Businesses can also play small presentations if needed to make the most of the time. There are a number of uses for a TV in a limo. It’s up to the client to choose how they want to use it.

Unique Lighting Systems

Most modern limousines have unique lighting features to help set a club like atmosphere. Lighting is often an option for the client with the controls inside the passenger cabin. The lighting is a great and fun way to set the mood for the rest of the event or the entire day and is a common feature in limos.

Limousine Drink & Snack Bar

Most limousines will have a bar where the clients can find some light drinks and snacks. If requested in advance, often a limo service will provide a certain flavor champagne or wine and light snacks. However, in most cases you can find the standard drinks at the bar.

Comfortable & Spacious Seating in Limousine

One aspect of a limousine you can always count on is comfortable and spacious seating for large or small groups. Material can vary. You can often find leather, or plush seats in a limousine. Limousines can make even the longest road trip feel comfortable with plenty of foot room to stretch out in. You can always be comfortable in a limousine.

Discreet Limo Privacy

Not everyone wants the outside world intruding on your drive to your various destinations. This is why limousines, in most cases, always have their windows tinted to help keep the outside world out. The chauffeur also wants to respect your privacy, and have retractable windows shielding you from the driver. However, at the touch of a button, you can contact the driver.

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When reserving your limousine or antique car you can expect to find these basic yet amazing features. Contact A Limo World and reserve your luxury vehicle today.

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