Limousine Company History in Greater West Bloomfield Township, MI; Cars, Stretch Limos & More

When a limo in seen in traffic, a host of thoughts immediately go through the minds of many people sharing the stretch of road. The mystery of who is riding in luxury, where are they going, and the assortment of other inquiries can fill some time on the commute. Riding in a limo makes people feel pampered and near royalty. There is definitely something special about these eye-catching vehicles. However, few probably give much thought to how these magnificent vehicles evolve over the decades. With that in mind, we at A Limo World would like to share a brief history of limousines and this tale reaches back centuries with French origins.

Earliest Limousines Cars

Though they are nothing what we conjure upon hearing the word “limo” in modern times, the first hint of the limousine concept dates back to the 1700s. During this era, the wealthy traveled in horse-drawn carriages. With only a hooded cloak to defend themselves against the elements, the chauffeurs sat separated from the passengers. Less than two decades after the invention of the first practical automobile, the first automobile limousines were born in 1902. The separate compartment for the chauffeur, still separate, was covered with what greatly resembled the cloak worn by people of the French region Limousin, which would bring the term “Limousine” eventually. Even in modern day, we have retained the concept of separating the driver from the passengers. This partition tradition allows the passengers to consume alcohol legally and continue their party in the back.

First Stretch Limousine & Big Band Buses

An Arkansas company constructed the longer version of the standard limo in the 1920s, leading to the “stretch limousine” phenomenon. Resulting in demand for longer limousines was implementing the Cadillac chassis shortly thereafter. The nickname “big band buses” would evolve because these new found vehicles were initially popular for transporting musicians and their equipment to their gigs. Over time, limousines began to be associated for having the rich and famous as passengers including politicians, athletes, and Hollywood stars. They were more commonly used to ferry their passengers to and from their hotels, airports, and on sightseeing tours.

Funeral Cars & Limousines

To transport mourners, the stretch limo amassed a reputation a “funeral car” in the 1970s. As a means to get several people to various venues in a classy way, this perception would gradually shift to more of how we perceive limousines today. With the increased uses for limos, came an even greater demand. Modernly, the general public has more access to indulging in limousine services than in earlier decades. In an effort to outshine the competition in recent years, more companies will install more outlandish and luxurious features to their limos.

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