Limousine Etiquette in Farmington, MI; How to Elegantly Enter & Exit an Antique Car or Limo & More

When you hire a limousine to drive you around, it is a sure way to make a special occasion even more special. This is probably something that doesn’t happen often, at least for most people. If you don’t have a lot of experience driving in a limo, you may not realize that there is a certain etiquette that should be upheld. A Limo World is here to share some limousine etiquette with you so that you are ready the next time you decide to hire a limo for the night.

How to Elegantly Enter & Exit an Antique Car or Limo

If you don’t enter and exit a limousine the right way, you can end up looking a little foolish. When you don’t gently slide into the seat, you may end up with your rear end up in the air; which is less that elegant. You should always put your leg in first and gracefully slide into the first available seat. When you are exiting the limousine, it is important that you always let your driver open your door. There are some occasions that there may be someone that is supposed to do that at your destination, but most of the time, leave it up to the driver.

Respect the Limo

It is rather easy to get carried away when you are riding in a limousine. There is usually alcohol flowing and people are genuinely having a good time. It is important to remember that this vehicle doesn’t belong to you though. You should be treating it better than you would your own vehicle while you are on your ride.

Keep the Party Under Control in a Limo

Don’t allow your group to get out of control while riding in the limo. Like mentioned above, a lot of the time when people are renting a limo, it is for a party or special event that you are excited about. No smoking or drugs should even be done while riding in the limo. Even though there will likely be some drinking that happens, keep your language in check and avoid getting too loud.

Respect & Tip the Limo Driver

When you hire a limousine for the night, you will have a professional chauffeur that is driving you around. It is their job to politely get you to and from the event. It is also their job to keep to themselves and be seen but not heard. While it is totally acceptable to talk to them, don’t expect them to strike up a conversation with you. It probably goes without saying, but you should always talk respectfully to them as well. When it comes to tipping your chauffeur, it is customary to tip them 20% of the rental price for the limousine.

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