Limousine Etiquette in Milford, MI; Pick Up, Drop Off, Drinking in a Limo, Booking Ride in Advance & More

Being a luxurious, breathtaking experience, riding in a limo isn’t always commonplace. Because it can be a new experience for most people, we at A Limo World would like to share some basic etiquette

Book Limo in Advance

Reserve your chauffeured car well in advance of the event date if you’re renting a limousine for a prom or other event that will be well-attended. Book your limousine early to get the model you prefer for your special trip since you won’t be the only people who want limousines on that date.

Be Punctual for Limo Pick Up and Drop Off

Punctuality is important for your limo experience. Be ready in time for pickup and avoid making the driver wait, particularly if the limousine is parked in a short-term parking space. If you have minors and have a set pickup and drop off point, be sure to prompt since the driver’s schedule may not permit to wait until an adult arrives.

Let Chauffeur Open or Close Doors

Wait for the chauffer to open the door for you and don’t be impatient and do it yourself. Again, wait for the driver to come around to the door and open it for you when it’s time to exit the vehicle. The chauffeur’s job is taken seriously. It is considered poor form and is disrespectful to the driver to do it yourself.

How to Get In & Out of a Limo

Avoid stomping in and duck your head down with your back end poking out of the door opening, it is un-classy and for awkward to witness. Set your bottom on the nearest curbside seat after you turn your back to the door opening instead. Just do the reverse for the exit. Swing your legs out, then stand up to get out of the vehicle.

Locate the Best & Worst Seats in a Limo

Select a seat that isn’t one of the VIP spots if you are not paying the bill. The main passenger area of the limo, the VIP seats are the two spots are the curbside and far right-side seat that face forward. Between these seats is considered one of the worst spots, in addition to the backward-facing jump seats.

Don’t Get Drunk in a Limousine

It’s acceptable to drink and smoke in specified limos. Passengers should never drink so much they are not in control of their actions and they are acting unsafe. It is not only a risk to themselves, but it is a risk for the drivers and others on road. It’s your prerogative to offer drinks to your passengers if you rented the limousine. Do not dive into the bar supplies without being invited to do so if you are renting the limo. Wait for the host(ess) for approval.

Discreetly Tip the Chauffeur Limo Driver

It is customary to tip 20% of the bill. For the sake of convenience, you may have it arranged so that the gratuity is included in the limousine rental fee. Place it in a discreet envelope and hand it to the driver as you exit the limousine at your final departure point if you wish to offer the driver a gratuity in person.

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