Limousine Facts in Pontiac, MI; Corvette & Camaro Stretch Limos, Chauffeur Definition & More

Limousines have a long and fun history as well as present day facts. There is a lot about limousines that many people didn’t ever think about or realize. A Limo World would like to enlighten everyone by providing some fun facts about limousines. The next time you are riding in a limo you can share with your friends some of the unknown fun facts about limousines.

Facts About Limousines

1. No Limousine Brands: There is no limousine dealership where limos can simply be looked over and bought. What many people don’t know is that limousines are made from actual cars. For example, A Limo World’s newest addition the 2020 Camaro, which was, obviously, a 2020 Camaro redesigned into a limousine. There were portions of the original car used during the creation. However, the cab is completely fabricated.
2. First Limousine: The first limousine was invented in 1902. The first limo wasn’t nearly as long as modern limousines. The first limousines had the driver sitting outside with a built in compartment for the passengers which provided more privacy.
3. Term “Limousine”: The name or term limousine comes from the French term “Limousin.” A limousin was a shepherd’s cloak or hood. Drivers of the first limousines wore a cloak very similar to that of a limousin which protected them from the elements.
4. Term “Chauffeur”: Drivers of a limousine is often referred to as a chauffeur. Chauffeur is another French term that means stoker. The first automobiles were steamed powered and required an operator to stoke the engine. As the driver of a limousine was responsible for stoking the engine, over time they got the name chauffeur.
5. First Stretch Limo: The very first actual stretch limo was built in 1928. The first stretch limo was nicknamed the “Big Band Bus”. The first stretch limo was mainly used by musical bands such as Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman. The stretch limo provides plenty of room for all of the band members and their instruments.
6. Limo was First Air Conditioned Vehicle: The first automobile to have air conditioning was a limousine. Back in 1939 the first automobile air conditioning system was incorporated within a limousine. As you can imagine, they were very heavy and not very effective. Luckily, the idea caught on and we all now have air conditioning in our cars thanks to limousines.
7. Longest Limousine: Have you ever wondered what the longest limousine on record is? The longest limousine is 100 feet long and was built in 1997. This limousine has 26 wheels, a swimming pool and diving board in the back. There is also a king size bed, hot tub, a sun deck, fax machine, and helipad.
8. Biggest Limousine: Where it is not the longest, is it certainly the biggest limousine: The Midnight Rider. This limousine weighs 25 tons and is 70 feet long. It is known as the night club on wheels. This beast roams the streets of southern California and won the Guinness Book of World Records for heaviest limousine.
9. Electric Limousine: Not out on the open street, yet but the first electric limousine is being designed now. A partnership with an Italian-Japanese company called KAZ is developing the electric limousine. It will have 6 electric engines and have 6 wheels. The total cost to build this economical beast will be around 4 million dollars.
10. Small Cars Made into Limousines: One of the great challenges is making the smallest car into a stretch limo. You can find some of the smallest cars being used for limousines includes Mini Coopers, Volkswagen beetles, and a DeLorean.

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