Limousine Myths in Flat Rock, MI; Are Limo Bookings & Rides for VIP’s, Wealthy & Special Occasions Only & More?

When it comes to limousines, there are many pretenses and beliefs surrounding their use. Like most industries, there are many myths that people presume are facts. With this in mind, we at A Limo World would like to share the top myths we heard and would like to straight the record straight.

Are Limos for VIP’s Only?

You are likely to see the president riding in one, movies star disembarking from when they get to the red carpet, powerful CEOs, and other such high-profile people using limousines. Where this is perceived as the norm, people associate limousines with the rich and high-status people. Because it is always seen in the movies and media as such, a lot of people believe the false premise that limos always have someone special in them. The truth is that anyone can enjoy the advantages of a limousine service. It id not limited to VIPs and anyone from any walks of life can hire the limousine for their needs, whether it is just because or a special event.

Are Limo Services Only for the Wealthy?

If you want to buy a limo, then maybe the stigma of wealth might be a reality, but most have other ideas about limousine needs. With beautifully decorated interiors with various amenities, limos are the very picture of luxury, stretch cars driven by professional chauffeurs, jumping to the conclusion, they are probably expensive.
In actuality, limo services are much more affordable than you’d probably think. With usually having two different payment models, most limo service companies offer by the hour and one-time trip pricing. Based on your destination and requested time, both options are competitively priced so that you’re getting your money’s worth. Additionally, since riding in a limo is a group activity, splitting the costs equally among the occupants can help defray the cost to as little as the cost of dinner and a movie in many instances. Always inquire about the rates when you schedule your limo services.

Are Limo Services Only for Special Occasions?

Being largely perpetuated by confirmation bias, this myth is something we wish would be dismissed. With their only exposure to a limo is when they’re in the midst of a special occasion, most people don’t see limousines on a day-to-day basis, and this limitation adds to the belief. However, it is not uncommon for limousines to drop off clients at birthday, a prom dance, a football game, wine tasting, spa days, and other such events. Ultimately, no matter the occasion, limousines are always available for rental, when it comes down to it. Though limos are not necessarily used for superfluous reasons, the point is, having a limo service can be for whenever and whatever you want it for.

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