Limousine to Transport Bride, Groom & Wedding Guests from Ceremony to Reception in Clinton Township, MI

June, August, September, and October are the most popular months for couples to get married and when you want to ensure you have a limo booked for the big day, now is the time to get it scheduled. Today, we at A Limo World would like to share a few helpful tips on how to handle your wedding limo service transportation to make the day smoother.

Leave Cushion Time in Limo

Permit a time cushion and be aware of events going on in the area. Especially when it comes to wedding limo service transportation, there’s never too much over-preparation when it comes to your wedding day. Factor in a 30-minute “traffic cushion” when planning your routes. You can take that extra time to relax and breathe for a moment if the cushion wasn’t necessary. Also, be mindful of any local events that may be going on during your wedding day, such as festival, march, parade, or concert that you weren’t aware of initially so you and our guests can make adjustments.

Wedding Travel Route Planner

Know where you are going. Beforehand, it is best to know your routes from the wedding venue to the photoshoot area to the reception venue. Though the limo driver is well aware of navigation and has GPS, you should personally know where you are going. In the event of a GPS not working this is helpful as it can save you lots of time and frustration. Provide your car service with all the addresses for the wedding day, as well as a schedule to help the driver more efficiently prepare.

Wedding Photographer Considerations

Consider if you would like photos and video footage of the trips since wedding photographer and videographer will most likely have their own cars to get themselves around. Sweet, post-ceremony photos of the two of them riding in their limo are enjoyed by many couples. These photos can also be nice if the whole wedding party is in the limo as well. This is a decision that needs to be made well in advance so that everyone is on the same page such as bride, groom, videographer, photographer, wedding party, etc, no matter your preference.

Know if Wedding Party & Guests Will Be Needing Limo Transportation

Your wedding party being confused about how they’ll be getting to the different venues on the day of your wedding. Especially if they will be drinking during the day, decide before you reserve your wedding limo or car if your bridesmaids and groomsmen will have a way to get around. Those riding in the limo will need to be informed beforehand of all their transport details.

Wedding Music & Refreshments

You’ll already be in a luxury vehicle on your wedding day, go all out and with champagne, snacks, and your favorite music. Be sure to ask the limo company you book if you think you’ll want anything like this during your wedding limo service transportation. Even down to the type of champagne you’d prefer most special requests can be accommodated.

Book Limousine in Advance

Waiting to the last minute to book a limo is a common mistake for couples. They frequently have to scramble to find something, and may end up overpaying, or not getting a limo at all. Now is the time to book, at the minimum, you want to book 3 months in advance to ensure you get the limo and accommodations you need for your wedding.

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