Making Plans for After Lockdown has Lifted in Macomb, MI; Make Future Limo Plans, Get Ready of a Wedding & More

This is a time in life that is something we have never seen before. People are being asked to stay at home and to keep their distance from others around you. This is a time that families are having to find ways to spend time together. Even though there are rules on social distancing and many businesses and shops are closed down to control the spread of COVID-19 there are still milestones that are happening to you and your family. Some of these things are moments that you cannot get back such as missing special events such as a wedding to a milestone birthday and of course graduation. Even though these are things that are missed out on you can still make them an important and special moment. You want to make the most out of what you are able to do. Being creative with how you make these moments meaningful is important. A Limo World outlines what you can do to make social distancing moments special.

Birthday Drive By Parade

One of the most common things that people are doing under quarantine to make a birthday special is called a drive by. This is not the same negative connotation that you might be thinking but a way to stay away from others but still feel the love. Some people are asking their friends and their family to drive by the house during a set period of time to wave and shout out their birthday wishes. This is a great way to make a person feel extra special. Another way that you can use this same activity is to have the birthday girl or boy be the one that is driving around. You can drive around to houses where people can be sitting outside waiting to say happy birthday to them.

Get Ready for a Wedding

The hard thing at this time is that there are couples that want to be married and have likely made plans over many months. Now they have to postpone the wedding or choose to have a quick ceremony that has less than 10 people at it. You can make plans to have the best reception when the quarantine is over and you can enjoy the time with your family. Be sure that you call to schedule your limo service early to beat the rush of people that are trying to make up for lost time.

Make Future Limo Plans

If you are missing birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, prom, graduation and more due to the shut down of your state you want to make sure that you go big when you can. You can make a plan to create a way to celebrate all of these moments by getting a luxury limousine or a party bus to enjoy after the fact. It would be best to take into account the moments that you missed and what you can do to make them amazing.

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