Professional Chauffeur & Limo Driver Tipping Etiquette & Car Sitting Protocol in Pontiac, MI

Limousines were originally used by the wealthy as luxury transport. Today limousines are open to everyone for special events from couples to large groups of people celebrating an occasion or holiday. There are many who right now are experiencing the luxury of a limousine for the first time. For those who have never been inside of a limousine, perhaps they wonder what the proper etiquette involved is. A Limo World will share the proper etiquette for those who may be riding in a limo for the first time.

Rent the Right Size Limo

The first step when arranging your limo is to first get a total count of all passengers. The larger the group, the more etiquette that’s involved. After getting a full head count, make sure you have reserved a large enough vehicle to accommodate all of the passengers. Never overfill your vehicle. Safety concerns come with an overcrowded vehicle. Alongside the safety concerns, too many people can ruin the full experience. 

What to Expect When About to Drive in a Limo

You can expect to have a certified driver that is knowledgeable about the city and your various destinations. Part of limo etiquette is for the driver to greet you by the car. If you have luggage, they will load it for you. They will courteously open the door and help you into the vehicle. If you’re using the limo for transportation to the airport or etc. the driver will also help you unload as well. All drivers will behave professionally and courteously toward the client.

Limo & Town Car Sitting Protocol

Entering the limo has its own etiquette procedures as well. When entering the vehicle, if you’re the host of the event, you should either slide all the way down the vehicle to provide room for all of the passengers, or better yet, greet your guests at the door and allow them to enter into the vehicle first. Whether you’re entering the vehicle first or you’re already inside and moving over, never turn your back end toward the other passengers as this can make your guests feel awkward. Instead of going in head first, back into your seat. Additionally you may want to leave the best seat for your VIP guests. The best seat is the one near the curb or right side. However this could vary on the size or type of limo you reserve. Most limousines have a bar, music, or even a TV inside. As the host, you may want to be near the entertainment system to be a good host.

Limo Driver Tipping Etiquette

A limousine service company and their drivers are there to provide you with a good experience. It is generally accepted to offer a $10-20 for a point to point transfer or $50-100 for several hours of service or multiple day service. It is always poor etiquette to ask the drivers to break any traffic laws. Do not ask them to break the speed limit, even a little.

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These are some of the basic etiquette behaviors when riding in a limousine. A Limo World wants everyone to have a pleasant experience and not feel out of place or unsure as what to do the first time you reserve a limousine. Contact A Limo World to reserve your limousine today.

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