Questions to Ask a Limousine Service in Troy, MI; Limo Insurance Requirements & More

Hiring a respectable limo company shouldn’t be random, especially where it concerns your safety. The experience should be nothing but a pleasure, at it is a luxurious experience. Ensuring you are being chauffeured by a veteran driver and in a fleet that is well-maintained should be top priority. Unfortunately, there are enough limo/luxury vehicle providers that provides the bare minimum and the quality is more than questionable. When you set out to a hire a limo or other such luxury vehicle, ask a few key questions to assure you are in good hands and we at A Limo World would like to share those important questions today.

Questions to Ask a Limo Transportation Company

1) Do they meet the limo insurance requirements?
Never hire a limo service that is not insured; you will jeopardize your safety and sustain injury and not insured with the company’s policy to cover medical expenses. Not only should you ensure they are covered but ask if it is quality insurance. Having a safety conscious company should be your primary focus when you select a limo company.
2) Have the chauffeurs had proper training?
Just as you wouldn’t hire a handyman for a complete house renovation, or a dentist to get an eye exam, you will want to make sure the driver is a professional with appropriate training. Unless the chauffeur has been properly trained, it is best you avoid accepting transport. Professionals, such as though from A Limo World, are pre-screened, go through a comprehensive background check, drug tested and undergo defensive driving and other related courses on a continual basis. Our team of chauffeurs are not 3rd party fill-ins, but apart of an organized crew of professionals properly trained and experienced.
3) What backup plan is in place if a vehicle were to break down?
Though most limousine/luxury car companies maintain their fleet to the maximum efforts, a vehicle is still a machine with moving parts that wear and no one can predict when a vehicle may break down. It is unlikely this should occur with the preventative measures most reputable companies apply, but should it happen, there should be a backup plan in place to ensure you get to your destination safely, and on time.
4) Does the limo company provide references?
A well-established and reputable company will eagerly provide references upon request. Having corporate and customer references on hand should you want to check on the business yourself is understandable. With the customer reviews left on various websites, you can see what to expect from the limo company. In the service industry, we know that our customers are our valuable asset that can send referrals or get more business our way by word-of-mouth. Delivering quality and memorable experiences is a priority.

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