Summer Sporting Events; Benefits of a Limousine Service to Detroit Tigers Baseball Games

This summer Michigan is hosting a number of games centering around our own Detroit Tigers. Many local fans come to watch and support our state team. As many know, game day is all about enjoying time with friends and family as well as enjoying a few drinks. During game day there are many obstacles such as traffic and picking who will be the designated driver. There is an easier way to overcome these obstacles by using a limo service on game day. A Limo World will share the many benefits of a limo service when attending the next major sporting event.

Beat the Traffic to the Game

As many know all too well, on game day you must leave an hour early just because of traffic alone. Sitting in traffic can’t be avoided as thousands make their way to the stadium parking lots. Not only is the traffic murder on the way to the stadium, but even more horrifying is the traffic coming home as many fellow drivers may have had a few drinks and are hyped up over the game events. As you make you way to the stadium many fear about finding a parking space and check in before the game starts. How can you avoid traffic, fight for a parking spot, and make it to the game on time? The answer is simple, Hire a limo service. A limo service will battle the traffic and drop you off right at the front gates. No need to find a parking space and concern yourself with other drivers. Where traffic can’t be helped, at least you will be sitting in traffic in comfort while the chauffeur takes you to the game. Worried about being sober enough to drive or worried about the traffic coming home? Again you have less worries when using a limo service.

Over-Qualified Designated Driver

When driving during game day, safety is a major concern. As many well know, sport fans will indulge in one or two drinks during the games and some even more. When a group of friends or family attend the game often straws are pulled to determine who will be the designated driver. When using a limo service the chauffeur will pull the short straw every time. A limo driver is highly trained and professional at all times. Everyone can enjoy the game and have a few drinks as the chauffeur will be your designated driver, as well as greet you and your passengers, He will then provide quality transport services. With a professional chauffeur your safety is assured.

Limo Services Mean Comfort & Good Times

When you go to the game nothing is better than going with friends and family. Often you can go in large groups. Instead of caravanning as a group, which often means you will become separated, a limo can provide room for even the largest groups. A limo allows everyone to be together as they travel to the stadium and enjoy a few light drinks and snacks as the chauffeur navigates through the busy traffic. Good times begin on the ride there and not just during the game.

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If you plan on attending one or more of our local sporting events, consider using a limo service and see the many benefits for yourself. Contact A Limo World Today and reserve your choice of ride today.

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