Drita D

March 31, 2017

My wedding was 3 weeks ago, I had reserved the Classic Cadillac (I think it was a 1950’s) Limo that use to be owned by Elinor Roosevelt. We absolutely loved it! All my family and guest said it was awesome, and they loved it as well.

The driver was awesome, He offered us champagne and helped us pick out places to take pictures. (The park we wanted to take pictures in had been fully booked) He moved the Limo a bunch of times gladly at our photographers direction so we could get a great shot of it.

Booking it had been simple and easy too. I actually went down in person to check out the Limo. For living in the Motor City you would think there would be a ton of places to rent Classic Cars from, but there really aren’t allot of options. The few I found were either in bad shape, or just crazy expensive. (One place wanted $1400 just to rent their old Phantom for 4 hours!) Limo World is affordable, and from what I saw when I visited them, they keep their fleet in good shape.

So yeah, great service, great cars, was super duper freaking happy with my experience. Can’t rave about these guys enough.

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