Tips to Hire & Ride in a Limo in Melvindale, MI; Guest List, How to Get Inside & Outside a Limousine & More

There are more and more people that are realizing they can make their event better by hiring a limousine. The limousine service is a great way to make a girl’s night out better. You can use a limo for your wedding, bachelor party, birthday party, baby shower and more. You want to make a night to remember and adding a driver to get you and your guests around is a great way to do that. There was a time you thought only the rich and famous could have a limo at their event but they are attainable to all. When you decide you have an event that is coming up you want to make sure you know what you need to have when you call. There are some tips you can use to make sure you have the best night and you are respectful as well to the limo company. A Limo World outlines what you need to know when you hire a limousine company.

The Guest List

When it comes to a limo company you want to make sure that they know who is on the guest list. They don’t need to know so that they can bounce the uninvited guests. They are in need of knowing who is attending in terms of numbers. When you call to hire them one of the most important questions that they need to know is how many guests you will have in the vehicle. You might think that you can load the car as full as you like but there is a limit for each car and you don’t want to put your driver in a bad position. They may have to ask you to limit the guest list if you add to it after the call has been made. Be sure you have a number of people and once you schedule your limousine you don’t change it.

How to Get Inside & Outside a Limousine

Another tip you might not be thinking of is called in and out and we don’t mean the fast food restaurant. We are talking about how to get in and out of the limousine properly. You might be thinking you get in and out of cars all day so of course you know how to do it but there is a difference. You want to make sure you allow the driver time to open the door for you whether you are entering or exiting the car. This is a great way to avoid bumping into each other and hitting a car that might be close. It also ensure you are at the drop location before you try to get out of the car. Part of their job is to drive you around safely but also to give you the full experience and open the door for you and your guests.

Don’t Argue when Driving in a Limo

One of the hardest parts of driving a limousine is when the guests start to turn on each other and potentially the driver. Many people that are using a limousine are out partying and potentially drinking alcohol. This leads to some people not acting their normal way and could lead to fighting that can be dangerous to the driver that has a job to do and that is to get each person home safe. Make sure you and your guests are responsible and avoid conflict while out.

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