Trump’s New Presidential Cadillac Limousine “The Beast” Specs & Other Motorcade Facts in Ortonville, MI

When we think of limousines our minds often imagine celebrities and our past presidents riding in comfort and style. On February 17th we again, as a nation, celebrated great and notable Presidents of the past, and most especially, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln who were both born in February. With this coming holiday, A Limo World would like to share a brief history of presidential limousines and how they evolved to the present day.

Trump’s 2018 Presidential Cadillac Limo Specs

Designed to look like a stretched version of a Cadillac XT6 sedan, the new “Beast” is designed to help the commander in chief survive virtually every possible attack from a terrorist or assassin. If the president is injured, the Beast has an extensive range of medical supplies on board including a mini fridge full of the president’s own blood type. In addition to 8″ thick walls and 5″ multi layer windows, other features are believed to include a night vision system and some other James Bond style gadgets. The Beast can fire tear gas, put out a smokescreen, lay down an oil slick and even the door handles can be electrified to shock those who might try to get inside!

2009 Cadillac One AKA “The Beast” Car Features

Next we will focus on one of the more modern Presidential Limousines, the 2009 Cadillac One nicknamed “The Beast.” The Beast is still currently used and is one of the most defensive luxury vehicles ever made. The Beast is believed to be built on a truck chassis by a General Motors lineup. The Beast runs on heavy duty truck tires and wheels as well. The Beast is fortified with lightweight strong materials such as aluminum and titanium to prevent weighing the limo down. However, upon completion, “The Beast” weighed in at more than 15,000 pounds. Due to the vehicle’s weight, it is believed to be powered with a diesel engine and has the body style of a Cadillac DeVille limousine. The Beast isn’t one of a kind as there are actually several Beasts among the presidential fleet. The Beast was used by past presidents including President Obama.

1983 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

The 1983 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham was the limousine used by President Ronald Reagan. There were two of these limos made for the Secret Service and the transportation of the President. The design was to allow a good view of the president and at the same time provide top security and protection. After years of service, the 1983 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham was retired and one of the two went back to General Motors while the other resides in the Reagan Presidential Library. One of these limos was also used in the film Line of Fire by Clint Eastwood.

1970/72 Lincoln Continental

The 1970/72 Lincoln Continental was used by three different presidents. The first one was Gerald Ford, followed by Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. The 1970/72 Lincoln Continental was made famous as it appeared on television during the two separates attempts to assassinate President’s Ford and Reagan. The 1970/72 Lincoln Continental is a model of a 1972 Lincoln Continental but has a 1970 serial number. One feature that was added to the 1970/72 Lincoln Continental was the retractable roof which allowed the president to stand up and wave to the crowds as he passed by.

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As many other vehicles were used to transport our past presidents, not all were limousines. However, they were certainly luxurious for the time. Modern presidential limos not only transport our modern presidents but they help to provide security and safety for those who have taken the oath to serve this country. Consider reserving your own limousine and ride like a President to your various destinations For quality service and some of the most unique limo experiences found anywhere, contact A Limo World and reserve your luxury vehicle today.

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