Where Do Limousines Come From in Highland Park, MI? How Does a Limousine Company Make a Luxury Limo?

Who would buy a Corvette or a Camaro to simply chop it up? A limousine company will buy exotic or classic vehicles and then have them completely cut apart to create luxury on wheels. For those who have ever wondered how limos are made or designed, a limousine vehicle starts out just like any other vehicle. It will then undergo a major transformation. A Limo World would like to share how limousines are made and designed to bring you luxury transportation as well as great memories.

How Does a Limo Company Make a Limousine?

Every limousine starts out as any other model automobile. Often a limo company will invest in a make or model of any vehicle both new and old to later transform them into a limousine. After buying an automobile, the limo company will hire a limo fabricator service to begin designing and creating a limousine. Fabrication starts by stripping out the interior of the vehicle. Everything is removed from the seat, the electrical component, and even the dashboard. Once the inside has been stripped, the vehicle is then cut in half. The vehicle floor, roof, and supporting structure is all cut through until the vehicle is in two parts. Once the vehicle has been cut in two, the construction or fabrication can now begin. The middle framing of the limousine is now constructed. The center framing will vary in length, depending on the request of the limo service. The center frame will determine the number of passengers the limousine can fit which can be as high as 30 passengers or more. Once the center frame has been built, the frame is the welded to the front and back section of the original vehicle. When welding the center frame, the driveshaft tunnel which houses the steel driveshaft and the exhaust pipe is connected to the vehicle’s original tunnel. The flooring of the limo is then installed followed by the roof’s railing system. The roof will be connect to the two halves of the original vehicle. Next the siding is welded on to the center framing. Once in the outer shell of the limo has been constructed and installed, the next step is the interior. The bar is often installed first, followed by the limo seating. Then the electrical work will begin which can include a television, musical station, and the lighting effects. The back part of the original vehicle seat is often reupholstered to match the additional seating in the center. Once the details inside the limo have been completed, the outside details will follow. The limo’s exterior is painted, which can include a custom paint job. At times the limo company may request that special wheels be added to the vehicle. Windows are often tinted as most passengers like their privacy.

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Building and designing a limousine is a complex task. A lot of care and work goes into bringing you a luxurious transportation vehicle. A limousine isn’t just for luxury. They also help create memories and enhance special occasions. When you want to reserve the best limousines and chauffeur services, contact A Limo World and see our beautifully custom limousines today!

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