Why a Limo Rental Beats Uber or Lyft Rideshare in St. Clair Shores, MI; Riding in Style & Safety, Prices Per Hour & More

Never has it been so easy to find alternate transportation around a city. From uber to lyft and other rideshare driving services, you don’t have to walk anywhere that you don’t want to. One option that people often forget in the midst of all of these other options is a limo rental. For many reasons, you may find that a limo rental is far better than a rideshare any day of the week. A Limo World is here to share some of the reasons you should consider a limo rental over calling for an uber driver next time you need to get from point A to point B.

Limo Driving isn’t a Side Hustle

A lot of the time, when you call an uber or lyft driver to come pick you up, you are getting someone that is simply looking for a way to earn a few bucks in their free time. This is all well and good until you get a driver that is awful. When you rent a limo, you know that the professional chauffeur isn’t just someone looking for a simple side hustle; this is their full-time job and they have gone through rigorous training and background checks to do it. There is definite value in choosing a professional driver over someone that is dropping you off on their way to their real job.

Limo Riding in Style

Is there anything more luxurious than a limousine? The next time you have a girls’ or guys’ night out, don’t settle for a rideshare to get you around. Take your night to the next level with a limo rental that allows you to truly ride in style. With luxurious leather seating and a fully stocked mini bar, you will have the time of your life as you get chauffeured around the town.

Limousine is Safer

Like mentioned above, it takes a lot more to become a limo driver than it does to drive for a service like uber or lyft. Limo drivers have to constantly go through inspections and are required to have professional chauffeur licensing before they get behind the wheel. Other driving services only require that the vehicle meets state requirements and get a driver’s license when they are 16 years old.

Limos Have Prices Per Hour & Set Costs

Rideshares aren’t always upfront with their pricing. Customers are always complaining about the pricing going up during ‘surge’ and ‘primetime’ hours. When you choose a limo, you will get a guaranteed rate that you can rely on not budging so you know exactly how much your transportation is going to cost for the night.

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