Why Hire a Limousine for Sporting Event Transportation from Ecorse, MI? Designated Driver & More

When people think about limos they frequently think about weddings, prom dates, bachelorette parties, extra special date nights, and other special occasions. All of these are indeed excellent times to contact A Limo World for a limo rental. Have you ever thought about calling us for a sporting event though? If not we have some things for you to consider.

Skip Driving & Parking By Hiring a Limo

When you go to a sporting event one of the worst parts is navigating to the stadium and finding parking. Thousands of other people are trying to get to the exact same place that you are so the roads are typically crowded and running very slowly. Save yourself the stress of driving in traffic and hire A Limo World to take you there. In addition to not having to drive through traffic you will also get to be dropped off right at the entrance of the venue. Instead of having to walk the long distance from the parking facility to the stadium you can just walk right on in. You can arrive at the game feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy the game.

Rent a Limo to Save Money on Gas & Parking Fees

Hiring a limo a party bus can actually save you money. If you are going with a group of friends to the game you can split the cost of the limo or party bus. This will save you all from having to pay for gas and parking individually. Lots of times the stadium is not located close to your house so this could end up saving you quite a bit if the drive is longer. The parking fees at the stadium are always quite expensive. Hiring a limo will prevent you from having to pay that parking fee.

A Chauffeur is a Designated Driver Service

Once you get to the game you will be able to drink without having to worry about having a designated driver. Being the designated driver can be a drag. Sometimes it is nice to be able to go out without having to worry about feeling guilty that someone is not able to participate in the event like they want to. Your entire group will be able to enjoy themselves while cheering on your favorite team. Your limo or party bus driver will serve as your designated driver.

Keep the Party Going in a Limo

After the game is over you begin the long drive out of the parking lot and back to your house. Normally this drive would be filled with frustration as you deal with all of the other cars all leaving the stadium at the same time. When you have a driver taking you home you are able to keep the celebration from the game going as you drive home. Your entire party can keep having fun while our driver delivers you all right to your doorstep.

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In addition to all of the reasons above you are also doing all of this while traveling to your sporting event in a luxury automobile. Whether you need a limo or antique car, A Limo World can help make your sporting event feel luxurious. Give us a call today to make your reservation!

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