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Urban Glittering Christmas Light Limousine Displays, Shows & Event Tours in Greater Detroit, MI

Christmas lights have been around since the 17th century and have withstood the time ever since. They first Christmas light displays were in Germany where Germans started the tradition of attaching lit candles to the branches of trees with pins made of melted wax. Lit candles were also placed in windows to let others know…

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Professional Chauffeur & Limo Driver Tipping Etiquette & Car Sitting Protocol in Pontiac, MI

Limousines were originally used by the wealthy as luxury transport. Today limousines are open to everyone for special events from couples to large groups of people celebrating an occasion or holiday. There are many who right now are experiencing the luxury of a limousine for the first time. For those who have never been inside…

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Town Cars & Limousines for Businesses are a Good Plan to Increase Profit Margins in Warren, MI

In the corporate world, time is money, image is essential and having a dependable limousine service is ideal for an all in one solution. Limousines for corporate and executive purposes offer many advantages, especially when continually use a limousine service to handle your needs; pick-ups and drop-offs to meetings, events, entertainment and so forth are…

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