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Limousine Chauffeur Training Programs in West Bloomfield, MI; License Requirements, Qualities, Etiquette & More

Being different from other driving careers, such as taxi drivers or app drivers, chauffeuring is a unique line of work. Requiring a distinct level of etiquette and training, chauffeurs are drivers that go the extra mile. Additionally, chauffeurs are required to follow specific rules and regulations. With this in mind, we at A Limo World…

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How to Plan a Sweet 16 Party in South Lyon, MI; Budget, Themes, Limo Transportation & More

Throughout your life there are several momentous occasions that you look forward to. Many people dream of what these memorable moments will be like. Exciting birthdays, getting a driver’s license, graduating from high school, heading off to college, and weddings are some examples of life events that people look forward to. As you plan these…

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Ideas for Anniversary Date Night Celebration in Rochester, MI; Limousine Ride to Dinner, Concert or Show & More

Most people want to have relationships that help make them a better person. This is why we choose people to be our friends, business partners and spouses. All relationships require work to ensure that they are long lasting. One of the relationships that should be the most long lasting and mean the most to people…

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