Are You Supposed to Tip Limo Drivers / Chauffeurs in Shelby Township, MI? How Much is Customary?

Like many service provider professions, it is customary to offer your limo driver a tip at the conclusion of the service. When it does come to tipping, it can be a bit troubling for some. Knowing when, whether or not to tip and how much can all be overwhelming. There are many factors such as your impression, circumstances, and services rendered. Though it can be a tricky topic, we at A Limo World would like to help you be more comfortable in the situation and offer some insight on tipping your limo driver.

Is it Customary to Tip Limo Driver?

Before we get into the general details of tipping, we would like to take the opportunity of sharing the custom of tipping. The custom of tipping in the United States has become a part of the culture, no matter if you are tipping a limousine driver, hairdresser, a restaurant server, or any of the many workers in the service industry. Years ago, tips were not as readily given as they are today. Its origins began to ensure top-notch services as way to motivate, not bribe, your server. Often a pre-tip was given as an encouragement that there would be more to come if they were treated right.

Are You Supposed to Tip Limo Drivers?

You probably have to tip in the U.S., since as we mentioned, it has become the custom in the service industry. Even when it is not mandatory or is already included in the price you are paying, sometimes it seems that this tipping etiquette makes the customer feel coerced or forced to tip. Unfortunately, this makes people think they have to tip out of a sense of socially acceptable behavior.

Service Industry Standard for Tipping

In past and present, quite a few people make their opinion on tipping heard. A popular opinion, for example, that instead of expecting tips from customers, employers should increase the price of the product and raise employees’ hourly wage. This way, servers will not have to rely on tips to make a living and a customer won’t be frowned upon if they don’t tip. You pay the all-inclusive price and go home with your new pants and you don’t go out to buy a pair of pants and leave a tip for the people who make them or the seller who sold it to you in the retail industry. However, tipping is a custom in this country that has been around for so long and cannot be uprooted easily, despite the views of others. In the service industry, it is considered disrespectful not to leave a tip. In addition to being part of the culture, tipping helps those guys and girls who work on a minimum or near to the minimum wage to better sustain their living expenses.

How Much Do You Tip a Private Limo Driver?

Ultimately, the amount of the tip is up to you, and many people will tip according to how the service was. Where some are generous, others are conservative. Tipping your driver 15-20% before leaving is ideal. Not only does the tip help their income, but it all indicates that you appreciate their customer service and everything they did for you.

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