Best Limousine Movie Scenes; Pretty Woman Proposal Limo Scene, True Lies Car Fight & More

Hiring a limousine for your special events have become a way of life. It just isn’t prom or a wedding without a beautiful stretch limo bringing the party with it. A limo is a great way to enjoy your ride not only for the luxury but for the convenience and ease of it all. You don’t have to worry about what route to take, where to park and how long it might take to get there. A limousine is such an iconic way to travel that some of the best movies have a scene with a limo. The movie would not have been the same without it!

A Limo World Lists Movies Featuring Great Limousine Scenes

Pretty Woman Proposal Limousine Scene: One of the most romantic moments in television history happens of course with a limo. The movie Pretty Woman is set around a man that is in need of directions and then a date to an event where he asks Vivian (Julia Roberts) to attend with him. She is a working lady that is then transformed into the perfect match for the bachelor but not before she runs off. He shows up at her apartment riding in a beautiful stretched limo where he is standing up in the sun roof. He is holding a dozen roses with opera music blaring from inside. Richard Gere’s character is smooth enough that he wins her affection and they end the movie the way you hope; together.
Dumb & Dumber; It’s OK, I’m a Limo Driver: Let’s flip the switch to a comedy that has brought tons of laughs. Lloyd Christmas is a character that is played by Jim Carrey in the movie. He works as a limousine driver that is very talkative but is not following any of the rules that a good limo driver would. This movie does not depict what will happen when you hire a limo but it is still great for some comedic relief.
True Lies Limo Car Fight: Now that we have hit on comedy and some humor, we think a little bit of drama is the way to go. In the movie True Lies you will be able to see the escape of the character that is played by Jamie Lee Curtis from the trunk of a limo. She was taken captive by gunpoint where she worked to set herself free. The limo was not actually driven by a person but operated by a remote.
Big Movie Limo Scene: Now for some good old fashion fun and games. In the movie Big, Tom Hanks character goes to a carnival where he plays the ever famous Zoltar machine. He wakes up the next morning an adult where he now has to manage in a world that he knows nothing about. As a child in an adults body what is better than to have a driver take you around in a limo? He takes some time to get up and stand up through the sun roof too.

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