History of Chauffeur & Limousines from Horse Drawn Carriages to Luxury Stretch Limos

Limos are often used by the wealthy or those seeking to create memories tied to special events on somebody’s life such as a wedding or prom. However, do you know where a limousine and a chauffer service first began, and why limousines remain a luxury vehicle? A Limo World would like to step back through time and share the history and evaluation of a chauffeur service and how this luxury became even more popular over time.

Limousine Meaning & Chauffeur Definition

The beginning of chauffeur service dates to the 1700’s where horse drawn carriages where first used to transport the wealthy to their various destinations. The chauffeur was the driver of the horse who also was left to stand by and wait for the return of their clients or passengers. Often the chauffeur and the horse were left outside, even in unfavorable weather conditions, such as the biting cold, wind or rain. The chauffeur would wear a black cloak which was called a “limousine.”

Horse Drawn Carriage & Antique Car Rides

These horse drawn carriages driven by a chauffeur were often only obtained and used by the wealthy and expressed a symbol of peoples wealth and status. The wealthy, to show off their riches, often made their carriages more elaborate and used some of the finest horses to pull them. For centuries, the horse and carriage was the first “luxury vehicle.” In 1902 the first motorized limousine was born. Still as a symbol of wealth, this first motorized vehicle was small and designed to transport two to four passengers. However, the poor chauffeur was still outside driving the vehicle so the use of the black cloak or limousines were still used by chauffeurs. Even in the 1920’s, luxury vehicles still weren’t that big. At best, they still could only accommodate four passengers. With the arrival of the industrial revolution more and more vehicles were hitting the streets. Now that vehicles were becoming more available to everyone, the wealthy wanted to raise the bar again and so the first stretch limo was created in 1928.

Hiring a Stretch Limousine

The original applications of these stretch vehicles were designed to transport musical bands and all their equipment. The first two people in this enterprise were Glen Miller, the music artist, and The Benny Goodman Orchestra. These bands were well known and people took notice when they were transported by these large vehicles to hotels, airports and various destinations. These grand vehicles caught the eye of the wealthy as well, and they began to realize that these stretch vehicles could flaunt their wealth and status every bit as much as it did famous musical bands. By the 1930’s, once again the wealthy had these oversized vehicles and a personally hired driver or chauffeur. Through the 1960’s and the 1980’s it became a common sight to see presidents, actors, musicians and those with wealth being transported in more and more elaborately designed limousines. The vehicles began to evolve and manufacturers made them bigger and more comfortable. However, where limousines may still be associated with a luxury vehicle, they are now more easily available throughout America and the world. Many now will rent a limousine for special events, group parties, or as transport.

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Limousines are continuing to evolve. Manufacturers are creating luxury vehicles of different shapes, comforts and sizes to help accommodate a party of any size. For those looking to have a limo and chauffeur for a special event, or a night out on the town, A Limo World provides a unique corvette limo. If you’re looking for a limousine service, contact A Limo World today.

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