Busting Limousine Myths in Rochester Hills, MI; Limos Are NOT Just for the Rich & Famous!

Movies and media often paint a certain picture of limos and their uses which often leads to many misconceptions or myths about limos. So many people will assume limos should only be used by the super rich, those in high positions, or only during special occasions. However, some of these misconceptions are simply not true or are often misleading. A Limo World would like to bust a few myths today and share some of the common misconceptions about limo and chauffeur services.

Hiring a Limo Service is NOT Only for the Rich and Famous

As stated, it is often portrayed in movie or televisions that the rich or famous characters use limousines to visually describe a person’s status. Many people do associate limousines with wealth due to their luxury and comforts. However, limousines and chauffeur services aren’t solely intended for the wealthy. The service can be had by all. Did you know the first limousine was designed for transporting musical bands to provide plenty of space for their instruments? Today limousines are still used for large parties and are an affordable means of transporting groups of people. The luxury aspect of the car evolved to provide more fun and comfort for passengers over time.

Limousines Should NOT Only be Used for Special Occasions

Limousines are often used during special occasions to help enhance the memories or make it more convenient for parties to stay together. However, there are some casual uses for a limo service as well. Some examples may be renting a limo service to attend a sporting event, or perhaps to go on a winery, or brewery tour. Often limousines are used during business trips. Many like to be driven to their various destinations and still have room to work while traveling. Airport transportation is also a popular use for limo services. Never feel restrained when using a limo service. They are for all occasions.

A Limousine is NOT Just One Type of Luxury Vehicle

Many believe or get confused that a limousine is one type of luxury vehicle. Many will call and simply require a limousine. However, limousine is a widely used term and doesn’t mean just one type of vehicle. Town cars are a luxury vehicle but is also a standard sized car with a single back seat. Then there are stretch limos which is what most people consider to be a limousine. There is also the party bus which is a luxury transport vehicle that can hold up to 40 passengers. All are provided by limo companies and they all come with a professional driver or chauffeur. A Limo World also offers antique cars.

Limo Services are NOT Only for Young Adults Going to Prom & Homecoming Dances

Most of our children first experience riding in a limo during prom or homecoming dances. Where this is the first time many ride in a limo, this creates the idea that limos are only for young adults. In addition, most limo companies require children under 18 to be accompanied by an adult. However, there are many events such as kid’s parties or youth events where limousines or party buses are used for group transportation. Limo services can be utilized by all ages with a responsible person present.

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