Homecoming Dance Planning Checklist in Novi, MI; Reserve Limousine Transportation & More

Homecoming is one of the most exciting parts to the first semester of school each year. Planning the perfect homecoming evening takes a certain amount of planning. You don’t want to find yourself wishing that you had gotten started earlier when it comes to making your homecoming night perfect. A Limo World is here to share some tips to help make your homecoming date the best you have had yet.

Plan a Homecoming Dance Group

Everyone knows that it is far more enjoyable when you are spending your homecoming night with a group of friends. Get your friends together to solidify your group before you make any plans for the evening. This can be done using social media platforms so you get live updates on your friend’s plans and date situations.

Make Dinner & Transportation Reservations for Homecoming

To ensure the night goes off without a hitch, make your reservations early. You will need to decide on dinner reservations early on to be sure that you get the restaurant that you want. You should also reserve your transportation for the night far in advance as well. Nothing say unforgettable like a limousine for the evening. You need to make these plans a month in advance to secure your plans.

Create Plans for Before & After the School Dance

Why not extend the fun far beyond the dance alone? You will want the perfect place for photos to be taken prior to the dance as well as something fun to do after the music has stopped. This is also a time to make plans in advance so that you can let your transportation know what your needs are for the afternoon and evening.

Coordinate with Your Homecoming Date

Don’t forget to talk to your date about your plans for the big event. You want to make sure your date has all the information needed to make plans to get ready and let their parents know of their plans. You will want to coordinate your clothing as well to ensure that you don’t choose something that completely clashes with your date for the evening.

Let Parents Help with Homecoming Plans

No need to feel embarrassed of your parents wanting to snap some pictures as you head out for the evening. Parents want to be involved and you won’t be the only one who has parents who want to know what your plans are for the evening. Their involvement will help the night to go smoothly.

Have Fun at Homecoming

Don’t forget that having fun is the most important aspect of Homecoming. Keep the evening carefree. If part of your plans for your date don’t go as planned, go with the flow and remember that you want to think back on this night with fondness. Don’t stress about the small things.

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One way to ensure your homecoming will be one to remember is to secure your transportation. Whether you are looking for a stretch limo, party bus or vintage car for your homecoming dance, the experts at A Limo World can assist. Call us today!

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