Etiquette Tips when Riding in a Limousine in Commerce Charter Twp, MI; Power & Jump Seats & More

It’s hard not to get excited about riding in a luxury vehicle because it’s not something that happens every day. You’re bound to have a good time, but you need to keep in mind that it’s not your vehicle and there are proper manners that come when you’re riding in style.

Limousine Etiquette Tips

1. Advanced planning and limo booking. You will need to let the limo driver know your plans and requests in advance. Let them know about the stops you want to make and any other request you may have
The more advance you give, the better the experience will be. If the number of people in your party changes, you will need to let the company know so they can make the necessary accommodations.
2. Assigned limo seating. There are assigned seats in the back of the limo, if you will. The seat that is at the back right is generally known as the “power seat”. This seat is typically for the person who paid for the bulk of the limo or are the reason the limo is being used. The backwards facing seats are known as “jump seats” and are not as comfortable as the other seats. When you get into a limo, it’s best to sit down and slide over to your seat.
3. Leaving the limo. When the limo has come to a complete stop, you can get out of your seat. The chauffer will open the door and help you get out. You’ll be glad for the help if you have heels on! Also, make sure you take all your belongings with you and don’t leave any trash behind.
4. Limo manners. Limos provide you with a lot of space and alcohol. You need to remember to treat it like you would your own car. Don’t damage any parts of the limo. You will be responsible for any damages. Respect the driver and do not ask him/her to do anything illegal or blame them for any issues with the limo. An agitated driver can become an unsafe driver.
5. Limo gratuity and tip. Just like many other services, the chauffeur is providing you with a service. It’s a good idea to give him/her a tip at the end of the ride. A rule of thumb when it comes to tipping is to tip 15-20% of the limo bill. A tip is well deserved if you had a great experience! You can always check with the limo company to see of the tip has already been included.

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Simply acting respectful covers most of having limousine etiquette. Now you know the rules, so put them to good use and give A Limo World a call for the next big occasion in your life! We can provide you with a wide selection of vehicles for any occasion, with professional and reliable service to ensure your satisfaction. We carefully screen all our drivers, so you can feel safe on that special day. To learn more about renting a vehicle, call our office today!

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