Coronavirus Quarantine Ideas in White Lake Township, MI; Creative Activities, Learn About Local Area & More

In the United States President Trump has issued a shutdown that has been extended until April 30 due to the coronavirus pandemic. All nonessential businesses are closed, people are being encouraged not to travel for leisure, and social distancing is in effect. These changes in our daily routine have large impacts financially and emotionally. A Limo World has some suggestions for you as you navigate through this trying time.

Keep a Daily Routine During Shelter in Place

Studies have shown that having a routine helps in so many different ways. One way that having a routine is helpful is that it naturally encourages you to be more productive. When you get to the time of day where you are supposed to be doing something you are more inclined to get it done. With no routine many people have a to do list that just keeps growing instead of getting accomplished. Routines also help you on an emotional level. The quarantine process has caused many people to feel a little blue. One way that you can fight off or lesson the symptoms of depression or other mental concerns is to have something to look forward to. Placing things that you enjoy doing throughout the day in your routine will help you with that.

Parenting Children Through Lockdown

Many of our clients have children at home right now that would typically be at school during the day. Adjusting to this new norm will definitely take some time. All of the sudden being your child’s teacher, friend, and parent is a lot of pressure. Be patient with you and your kids as you navigate your new schedule. It will take everyone some time to find a new rhythm. Do not hesitate to reach out to teachers if you need some suggestions on how to help your child through the schoolwork if you need help.

Creative Activities During Quarantine

Everyone in your family will appreciate some out of the box activities right now. Thankfully there are tons of ideas online if you want to research them. A Limo World looked around and found a few that we thought you might enjoy.
• Sidewalk art is one of the most commonly done activities that we found in our search. Have your family draw pictures, make abstract designs, or write encouraging words on the sidewalk or driveway outside your home. With so many people getting outside to go on walks these sidewalk drawings and encouraging words are more appreciated now than ever before.
• If you have friends that you are missing this activity is one you may want to consider doing. Get your family loaded up into the car. Then stop in front of your friend’s house, turn an upbeat song on your radio at full volume, get your family out of the car, knock on your friend’s door, and race back to your car to dance your heart away for your friend. You will be able to see your friend and safely practice social distancing too.
• Learn about the local area. You can use online maps to find interesting landmarks in the local Detroit, MI area and plan to visit these places once the shelter in place orders are lifted.

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We genuinely hope that these simple tips will help you and your family enjoy this time as much as possible. We wish for the best for all of you! When this pandemic passes A Limo World will be here for all of your transportation needs.

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