Limousine Chauffeur Training Programs in West Bloomfield, MI; License Requirements, Qualities, Etiquette & More

Being different from other driving careers, such as taxi drivers or app drivers, chauffeuring is a unique line of work. Requiring a distinct level of etiquette and training, chauffeurs are drivers that go the extra mile. Additionally, chauffeurs are required to follow specific rules and regulations. With this in mind, we at A Limo World would like to discuss the basics that set chauffeurs above the rest of your standard drivers.

Chauffeur & Personal Driver License Requirements

Before the initial training, chauffeurs must meet several entry requirements. Usually at least 4 years of driving experience for starters and a valid driver license are some of the minimum requirements. Depending on location, other extra road and driving classes are also basic for chauffeurs to have under their belt, and these courses may even be ongoing. Along with other similar courses put out by various agencies, these roads and driving classes often include Defensive Driving and Safety. You must have a friendly disposition and always present yourself in a professional manner with different companies that hire chauffeurs that have experience in the industry, but on top of being a Class-A driver. There are expectations that are on a higher level of transport, and chauffeurs must be able to uphold these hire standards day-to-day when clients hire limo or luxury car services.

Qualities of a Good Chauffeur

Often, companies want their chauffeurs to possess the following skills below.
1) Superior customer service and driving skills.
2) To handle delays or other situations, quick problem-solving skills
3) Excellent time management and punctuality.
4) Knowledge of vehicle maintenance basics.
5) An expertise of the roads and understanding of the laws of the road.

Chauffeur Etiquette

Chauffeurs are expected to provide an extra level of service when it comes to delivering their passengers from A to B. Chauffeurs have a reserve a quiet demeanor, are well-spoken, and are generally dressed in formal attire, by maintaining clean, pressed black suit, and a well-groomed look. Unless it is especially bright and sunny because it creates a barrier between the driver and their passenger(s), the passenger is the focus and priority at all time, and many companies limit the use of even sunglasses, for instance. To gain access to the driving seat, a part of etiquette includes the chauffeur must always walk around the back of the car. Unless passenger engages, and even when parked up with other chauffeurs, there is no socializing, and when there is, it is minimal. Though these points may seem like nuances, they are what collectively present the chauffeur with courtesy, professionalism, and the chauffeur’s undivided attention. The chauffeurs have a few other expectations that include in addition to a safe, smooth ride to your destination.
1) Before each job, the vehicle is always clean and well-maintained.
2) Providing route, journey, and geographical information.
3) When passengers get in and out of the vehicle, assistance is given.
4) Helped with any luggage or bags.
5) Any additional accommodations asked by clients are also usually meant within reason.

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