Craziest & Weirdest Limousines; Mini Cooper, Corvette, Camaro, American Dream, Batmobile & More

Limousines come in many different shapes and sizes, the only limit to a limousine is the imagination. You can take almost any type of vehicle and transform it into a limousine. It is amazing to see some of the most crazy and iconic limousines created in the world. A Limo World would like to take you on a tour and share some of the coolest limousines ever made.

Euro Mini Cooper Limousine

One of the most expensive Euro Mini Cooper limousines ever made was built for the Kazakhstan Princess, Regina Abdurazakova. This Limousine cost $1.35 million dollars and has a body pink in color and covered in millions of Swarovski crystals. Each wheel has a 3 inch crystal and the window film contains 50 grams of pure gold. Inside this dazzling limousine there is a 70 TFT screen and a 47 inch television.

American Dream Limousine

Named the “American Dream,” this is the longest limousine in the world. This limousine is 100 feet long and has 26 wheels. This limousine has some insane features such as a sun deck, jacuzzi, swimming pool and king size bed, along with a helicopter landing pad. This is one insane limousine that pushes the limits of luxury transportation.

Armor Horse Vault XXL Limo

The limousine for the manly man. This is an unusual limousine that took an armored truck and turned it into a luxury transportation vehicle. From the outside you would think an oversized armor truck but the inside is pure luxury. Inside the armored beast you will see leather lounge styled seating, six LCD screens, a high tech sound system, and a giant wet bar. When riding in the Armor Horse, you have quality luxury and the safety of an armored truck.

Cadillac One Limousine

This limo was designed and built for previous president Barack Obama and made in 2009. This limousine is now part of the presidential fleet collection. This limousine is highly fortified to ensure the president’s safety. Along with the luxury features, little is known about the interior of this limousine. However, it is known that this limousine provides bullet protection, a gas mask, firefighting equipment as well as luxury features to ensure our president’s safety and comfort.

Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limo

The Sultan of Brunei’s Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limo is for sure a major eye turner. This limousine is covered in 24 carats of pure gold. There is a ton of gold work that is seen on the hubcap and trim work around the limousine. The back of this limousine acts as a convertible or exterior seat for events that is covered with an elaborate umbrella. This limousine, even though not overly big in size, cost nearly $14 million dollars.

Batmobile Limousine

For all of those DC fans, there is the Tim Burton Batmobile limousine. This limousine uses the V8 corvette jet engine along with the Batmobile’s custom body to create this iconic limousine. The Batmobile Limousine cost $4.2 million dollars and to all DC fans, it was a penny well spent. However, this limousine is praised by its looks alone, as it is not the most easy of vehicles to drive and is not used for regular transportation.

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