What Should Never Be Done in the Back of a Limo in Livonia, MI; Underage Drinking, Smoking & More

There are many occasions where people hire a limo to make the event special. Most people that rely on a limo typically keep their behavior in check. However, most people new to the experience my not know what acceptable behavior is while riding a limo. Today, we at A Limo World would like to address the top common behaviors that should never occur while riding in a limo.

What Can & Can’t You Do in a Limousine?

1) Drug Use. Anything that is illegal to do anywhere else will be illegal to do in a limo. Never have illegal drugs with inside the limo. If the authorities believe that he or she was complicit in your drug use and using drugs in a limo puts your driver at risk in addition to being against the law.
2) Smoking. Most limousine companies’ contracts forbid the use of cigarettes and other tobacco products in their vehicles since soft surfaces in a limo are odor magnets. Unfortunately, the smell of tobacco and marijuana will linger long after the smokers have left. Some limo companies will even levy a hefty cleaning fee if you smoke in their vehicles. If there is no smoking inside the limo, most chauffeurs are happy to accommodate a cigarette break if you ask ahead of time.
3) Illegal business Transactions. Limos provide transportation for many corporate events, from day-to-day travel, business meeting, special events, as well as providing transportation for visiting colleagues and interested clients. In addition to potential immediately ending your contract with the service, you can risk jail time.
4) Underage Drinking. Where alcohol is welcome and even provided for clients, limo companies never permit underage drinking.
5) Lewd Acts. Though limos have some measure of privacy, it is frowned upon to commit lewd acts in the limo. Give consideration for future passengers and keep in mind if you leave the limo in less-than-perfect condition, any kind of cleanup will become your financial responsibility.
6) Excessive Passengers. Your chauffeur is not going to be happy if 12 people show up if you’ve booked an eight-passenger limo. The safety of everyone inside a limo is the responsibility of the chauffeur. Not only is it unsafe to have too many passengers, but it is also illegal.
7) Loud Hostile Arguments / Cause Drama. Loud, drunken, and/or emotional rants and arguments is something no one wants to hear, including your chauffeur, your fellow passengers, and any nearby pedestrians. Especially if there’s alcohol involved, situations can spin out of control very quickly. Don’t become abusive if the driver asks you to settle down, otherwise your limo service contract can be cancelled.
8) Limo Damage. Perhaps you’ll want to re-consider renting a limo with them if your friends love a good old-fashioned brawl or wrestling match after a night out on the town. While your party is in it, you are responsible for any damage done to any part of the limo, which includes physical damage to the seats, the wet bar, the TV screens, the stereo system, and more. Do keep in mind that limos provide the means for your chauffeur’s livelihood and represent a significant capital investment for the limo company.

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Making a mess, horsing around, playing rough with sunroof, and other such behavior is not acceptable either. It is important to stay safe, and respectful when you ride in your limo, and everything will be fine. For quality limo services in the Greater Detroit, MI area, call in the experts of A Limo World and let us assist you!

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