How Do Limos Work for Weddings in Warren, MI? Who Rides In, Creative Wedding Limousine Photo Ideas & More

When planning a wedding, often the couple will want to have a limousine that will take them to each destination. Often the limo service also serves as the couple’s getaway ride as they head out on their honeymoon. When planning out a wedding, it is natural to want every aspect of that day to be memorable and go perfectly. To ensure you get everything out of your limo service there are a few tips A Limo World will share how to ensure you get everything out of your limo service.

Plan for Wedding Day Delays

When it comes to planning a wedding, plans are made in great detail and include tight time lines. When it comes to planning out a wedding, never make the timing too tight especially when there are multiple locations. Many weddings will take place at a church and then the reception is held in another location. In this case a limousine will transport the couple from site to site. During the transit there can be unexpected delays such as an accident, road construction or a local event. Often a limo service will plan out the route ahead of time to ensure a smooth and timely drive. However they cannot plan for the unexpected. When making your wedding plans make sure to provide a little extra time cushion to ensure traffic doesn’t ruin this special day.

Provide All Destinations when Renting a Limousine

When hiring a limo service they will transport the couple and family to every destination they desire. On the wedding day it is common for a couple to be picked up and taken to the chapel or the location of the ceremony. Next, the couple may travel to another location for wedding pictures, then to the reception location, and lastly to the airport or honeymoon drop off. When a limo service is requested to transport the couple as well as family and friends to two or four different locations, it is important to provide all of the location and times of the limo service. As previously mentioned, a limo service likes to check road conditions, traffic, and best routes ahead of time. This way the limo service can ensure they play their part in enhancing the wedding day.

Who Rides in the Wedding Limo?

Not only will you want to provide all of the destinations to the limo service but also the number of passengers as well. The limo driver will make a head count to ensure they have all of the passengers before they leave a location. Additionally, there are different sizes of limousines that accommodate a certain amount of passengers. To ensure you have the right size limo for all of your wedding passengers, again make sure to tell the limo service of your needs.

Creative Wedding Limo Photo Ideas

When hiring a limo service for your wedding, the limousine can be a highlight for the bride and groom. When hiring a limo service they are more than happy to allow photos to be taken next to the limousine. If you wish to have the limousine park in a certain location for an amazing picture, simply ask the limo driver and they will know if it is safe for the limo to be parked in certain areas. Limos can get stuck if they are parked in loose dirt or sand. In some cases, the limo may not be able to be park for the picture you have in mind. However, in most cases the limo driver will happily accommodate for wedding pictures.

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