How to Organize & Plan a Pub Crawl in Romulus, MI; Limousine Transportation & More

There are many occasions that can result in a bar crawl party such as a birthday celebration, bachelor party, getting old or new friends together, anniversary, graduation, celebrating a promotion, and so many other festivities. Having a good ole-fashion bar crawl is a fun way to spend time with close family and/or friends or even colleagues. While executing such an event may seem relatively simply, to ensure success it takes a little planning, otherwise a poorly planned bar crawl can quickly evolve into a booze-fueled logistical nightmare. To spare you from the potential disaster, we at A Limo World would like to share a few tips on how to plan your bar crawling event to make the activity legendary.

How to Plan a Birthday or Other Bar Crawl

1) Maintain hydration and a full belly. For any drinking activities, this is solid advice, however when you are knowingly planning a marathon of an exciting bar crawl, it is especially important. Be sure to prepare the stomachs for the waves of alcohol assaults with a hardy meal where hefty portions of deliciously greasy food are served; it can be even included in the activity planning. A strategically planned to refuel ceremony is also ideal, perhaps on the second to last or before the last stop. Throughout the evening, be sure to drinking adequate levels of water in between the adult drinks.
2) Manage the group. There is something to say about trying to herd cats, and that is how it can feel trying to keep a group of inebriated people together. When know you are faced with a challenge of ensuring everyone stays together, it can be hard to find the right solution. Be sure to schedule the bar stops relatively close together, especially if you intend on walking to avoid distractions and people from wondering off. If you are not walking, renting a limo can be the best option keeping everyone safe and together as you go from one bar to another.
3) Call ahead to the bars on the agenda. It is good etiquette to let the bars know you are coming when your crawl involves 4 people or more. This will give them the opportunity to better prepare their bar and prevent the staff from being overwhelmed by a flock of drunkards on their 6th stop of the night dominating their space. They may even throw a drink special or two your way if your group is big enough and you inquire about it politely.
4) Be Safe. Drinking safely and responsibly is the number one priority of the night as you bar crawl or plan any events involving drinking excursions. A car service is in your better interests to avoid catastrophes and separating the group. To add some luxury and keep the party going throughout the bar crawl, hire a limo to ensure safety. You can plan a limo to take you and your group out for the hardy meal and the bar crawl itinerary. This will make certain that you and your entourage get to every venue safely.

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