Limousine Construction; How Stretch Limousines are Made in Washington Township, MI

Limousines are well sought after for their roomy and luxurious interior. Even so, many haven’t considered how limousines are made. Most people have a misconception about limousines and how they are created for your enjoyment. It is amazing to learn about the changes that occur when making a limousine. A Limo World will share how limousines are made and the many changes that they go through to create luxury on wheels.

How Stretch Limousines are Made

Limo services provide a range of luxury vehicles. Some of them are simply enhanced inside the vehicle while others undergo major changes such as a stretch limo. Stretch limos are not originally manufactured as is. Instead, they start as a regular vehicle that a dealer buys off a lot. A limo service first purchases a vehicle, typically a luxury vehicle such as a Corvette, Mercedes Benz, or Lincoln. Once a limo service purchases a vehicle, they send it to a specialized auto shop that turns a regular vehicle into a stretch oversized limousine. When transforming a vehicle into a stretch limo, the auto shop begins with the body. It is essential to maintain the original design of the vehicle for proper representation. For example, you will want a stretch limo Hummer to still look like a Hummer, or a Corvette to have the slick body and shape of the original Corvette. As the body is being broken down, the front and back of the vehicle are usually kept intact. It is the center passenger seating that is altered. The auto shop handcrafts the center body of the limousine using steel, fiberglass and aluminum, to create the center framing of the limousine. However, when designing the center body, it is important that the framing blends well with the rest of the vehicle’s body yet provides the right framework for the interior designs as well as the essential components. Often limousines have extended braking and fuel lines as well as an extended tailpipe. All limousines must pass a safety inspection which includes proper performance.

Interior Design of Limousine

A lot goes into redesigning the body and function of a limousine. However, a lot of attention goes into the interior design and all the enhancements one expects to find. A quality stereo system is installed all around the limousine interior, providing surround sound. Other state of the art entertainment systems are put in place which includes music and video. High performance climate control is also installed to ensure the inside is comfortable, not to mention comfortable seating and enhanced light features to make limo feel like a club. A small refrigerator or bar is installed for drinks and snacks. Windows are usually tinted, providing privacy and the ability to block out the distractions of the city. The design and entertainment features are usually handpicked by the limo service to create a one of a kind experience.

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Not everyone knows about the work that goes into creating a stretch limo and the experiences they help create. Limos are often one of a kind and each has something new to offer. When seeking out a limo service for the next date night, wedding, anniversary, or party, contact A Limo World. We provide a unique corvette limousine and charming antique cars. To view or reserve a limo, contact A Limo World today.

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