Scary Halloween Limousine Decoration Ideas in Auburn Hills, MI; Flowers, Cobwebs & More

Halloween is adored by many people. Quite a few go all out for this traditional holiday and is celebrated in many offerings and throughout the month of October. From parties, to fairs, as well as the very traditional trick-or-treating activity and those that opt for a Halloween wedding, October is a bust month for Halloween enthusiasts.
Halloween traditions, as many widely believe, originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals, especially the Gaelic festival Samhain, which such festivals have pagan roots. The early church, in fact Christianized Samhain as Halloween. Modernly, the tradition indicates that on All Hallows’ Eve, the spirit of the dead returns from the next world back to ours. Dressing up like our worst nightmares, or other creative antics, as well as warding off the ghosts on Halloween by carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and eating a bounty of candy is commonly practiced. Halloween inspires a lot of creativity as people come up and make their award-winning costumes. When participating in your Halloween activities, whether you are fairing the parties, events, simple trick-or-treating, haunted house hopping, or even being included in a unique Halloween wedding, a limo is an ideal mode of transportation.

Cool Halloween Limo Decorating Ideas

Today, we at A Limo World would like to share a few ideas for decorating your limo for your Halloween fun, presuming you spoke with your limo expert and got permission and guidelines to follow. As long as they’re safe to drive with and won’t damage the vehicle, most limo companies should be happy to indulge your wildest ideas.
1) Correlating Halloween Flowers. Flowers can be implemented into any décor and theme, Halloween is no different, in fact, there are some Halloween flowers people use for their Halloween decorations.
The Bat Orchid – Due to its almost-black color and long tendrils, the bat orchid is flower with an obvious resemblance to bats.
The Ghost Plant – AKA the Corpse Plant or Ghost Plant, is actually parasite, capable of surviving without any natural light. Often completely white in color because of the lack of chlorophyll, this plant is like a vampire as it drains the nutrients out from a host plant.
Glow-in-the-Dark Roses – You can find roses that emit a ghostly green glow once plunged into darkness by manufacturing design.
White Baneberry – Also references as Doll’s eye, this plant creepily features white berries that resemble a doll’s eyeballs, complete with little black irises.
The Devil’s Claw – This plant is also known as a grapple plant because of the seed pods that fall onto the ground and resemble giant black crabs. In order to spread the seeds across distances, the large hook-like protrusions rise up and snag the legs of passing animals.
There is also the Porcupine Tomato, Kharos, Vegetable Sheep, Bleeding Tooth Fungus, and the Star Flower that can also the right mood.
2) Halloween Spider & Cobweb Decorations. Horribly feathery cobwebs brushing your face in the dark is a classic Halloween sensing affect. For the darker corners of a Halloween limousine, cobwebs make a perfect fit. Add a giant black spider, or spiders, to your Halloween décor for extra horrors.
3) An Unearthly Limo Passenger. Consider making room for a specter if you got a spare seat. Creepy dolls, clowns, headless horseman, and other supernatural beings can catch a ride. With a little packing tape and blue LED lights, you can make the extra passenger look more ghostly.
4) Rear Limo Window Zombie. A great addition to the rear window of a limo, as well as a scary surprise for the traffic behind you, can have a brain-hungry zombie looking like its breaking through the back window.

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These are just a few ideas to decorate your Halloween limo transport. Whether you want the décor or just the safe and efficient ride to your gatherings, call A Limo World for luxurious accommodations.

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