Samantha B

March 31, 2017

I actually had a good experience with this company. My boss wanted to do a last minute surprise for his wedding anniversary and I was able to book a limo for the day no problem with Paul.

Paul was understanding that this was all a surprise and I was going to e-mail him the location of all the spots he wanted to take his wife. Paul had no issues at all and was very helpful. They offer red carpet, balloons, banners, and pom poms for free. I thought that was a nice touch.

The driver, Johnny, was very understanding. He drove down the street and parked his limo to hide for over a hour until my boss & his wife were ready. He did not seem to mind the delay and was cleanly dressed and friendly.

My boss is a picky man but, It’s been almost 6 hrs he has been in the limo and there does not seem to be any issues. So, I am assuming everything is going well!!

Prices were not bad for 8hr limo service. I thought they were fair and the limos are clean and updated.

Will keep him in mind in the future.

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